Best Meals to Pair With an Active Millennial Lifestyle

Best Meals
luncheon meat

We all know that many of our millennials and young professionals lead a very active lifestyle today. Even the pandemic has not slowed the best of them and are even busier more than ever. To keep going, these millennials and young pros need the right fuel to power up their activities and make the most of their days. So what do they need? Power meals that will not only activate their day but keep them going till the night. Here are the best meals you can pair for that active lifestyle.

Power Breakfast To Start the Day

Let’s face it, most active millennials don’t have the time to eat a regular breakfast or even prepare one. While it is typical for many millennials to just eat just cereal in the morning or even just simple coffee, this simply isn’t enough. It definitely isn’t healthy and it won’t really give you a full stomach or the energy you need throughout the day. This is why we recommend toasted bread with eggs and CDO Chinese Style Luncheon Meat, which is easy to make and can be done literally in just minutes.

You just need to pan fry some eggs, luncheon meat, and toast some bread instead of rice, because as we know rice can take a while to cook. You can toast them in a toaster, a mini-oven, or even using a pan. Within a few minutes, you can have a hearty breakfast. You can even turn the toast, eggs, and luncheon meat into a sandwich and make it on the go for your commute if you are going out. Quick, easy, and sure to be delicious. And if you are looking for variety, CDO Beef and Chicken Luncheon Meat are also great variants you can choose from.

Quick Bites to Eat During Long Meetings

luncheon meat

Whether you are at home or at the office, many of us sometimes have to go through long meetings. The busy millennial lifestyle is chuck full of meetings from morning till evening. Some meetings go well through mealtimes and sometimes can even turn into working lunches or working dinners, for example. If this happens and you need a quick simple lunch menu item (or dinner as the case may be), then a traditional clubhouse sandwich is perfect for you.

They are quite easy to prepare and you can do so early as you just need with some bread, lettuce, maybe eggs, and pair them with CDO Luncheon Meat (Chinese Style, Beef or Chicken variant). You can even top it off with some Danes Cheese Slices to make it more appetizing. Cut the sandwich into four squares or triangular pieces so that they’re bite-size and easy to consume while you work. It’s a great quick fix that you can do if you can’t have a full hearty meal.

Healthy Fixes for Work Out Sessions

luncheon meat

More people these days are now into working out and keeping healthy – whether that means going to the gym, doing Zumba at home, or cycling around the neighborhood. Then after the workout, you will want the perfect meal that is not only healthy but filling, so a light dish such as a Chicken Caesar Salad can do the trick. It’s an easy recipe to prepare with CDO Chicken Luncheon Meat. Just cut the luncheon meat into cubes, pan-fry them then add some lettuce, crusty white bread or toasted bread that has been shredded, and lastly some olive oil. For the dressing, you can use a clove of garlic, mayonnaise, some white vinegar, parmesan or grated cheese and the optional anchovies.

Whatever your activity is, CDO Luncheon Meat is your partner in your busy lifestyle. It’s easy to prepare and can be cooked in just a few minutes. What’s great is that it comes in three meaty, juicy and delicious variants that you can choose from – Chinese Style, Beef, and Chicken. With this variety, you can definitely do any type of meals that you are craving for. Switch it up and make your meals great with CDO Luncheon Meat.

You can buy CDO Luncheon Meat in leading supermarkets and groceries near you. For easier shopping online, you can also purchase them via CDO Home Delivery, Lazada and Shopee.

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