Most Common Mistakes Made by New Piano Players

Piano Players
Piano Players
Piano Players

On average, between 20-27% of American adults know how to play some type of instrument. Are you part of that percentage? If not, learning how to play the piano is a great start.

Learning how to play the piano can increase your concentration levels, teach you discipline, and improve your emotional intelligence. While there are many benefits to playing the piano, learning can be a difficult process.

When you are first getting started, you will make plenty of new piano players’ mistakes. Keep reading to learn about the most common beginner piano mistakes and how to avoid them.

Bad Posture

One of the most common piano mistakes is bad posture. Because you will be focused on learning to play the piano, most people forget about their posture.

Poor posture can affect your ability to learn the correct techniques, make it painful to play the piano for a long time, and you could suffer from headaches or backaches.

When you are first starting, focus on having the right posture to improve your playing. If you notice that your posture gets worse over time, stop for a break.

Not Using a Metronome

A metronome is a tool used to set a steady tempo for playing music. When you first start playing the piano, it is difficult to keep the same beat without the use of a metronome.

Many new players will play faster than they should, which results in poor technique. Having a metronome forces you to slow down and focus on playing. As you get used to playing the piano, you will develop a better tempo.

Not Practicing Scales

When you first start taking music lessons, you should try to practice your music scales regularly. Many new piano players avoid practicing scales, but they are an essential skill to become a piano player.

If you practice your scales, you will see your skills improve faster. Make time to practice your scales during every piano practice.

Looking At Your Fingers

Do you look at your fingers while playing the piano? If so, you are not alone. Looking at your fingers is another mistake that happens often with beginning piano playing.

One of the main purposes of learning to play the piano is learning how to read music. If you are constantly looking down at your fingers, you won’t be as focused on reading the music.

When you find yourself looking at the keys to ensure you are hitting the correct one, stop yourself and look back at the music. It is okay to make mistakes and hit the wrong key occasionally. That is how you learn!

Do You Make These New Piano Players’ Mistakes?

Learning the piano is a skill that allows you to play beautiful music, increase your brain power, and improve your emotional intelligence. When you are first starting, try to avoid these common new piano players’ mistakes as much as possible.

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