Mistakes That Can Seriously Wreck Your Car Accident Lawsuit

Personal Injury Lawyer

“An individual was allegedly driving with fictitious plates near Meridian Road and Apache Trail. The car failed to stop and fled west. The suspect then rammed a DPS trooper’s vehicle at Dobson and Loop 202 before getting back on Loop 202 east.” This is precisely what flashes on every news channel when the cars crash into each other. People who have encountered these scenarios tend to be stressful, tedious and confusing. It is entirely natural to do so because facing this situation alone is not at all easy. It is necessary to have someone by your side in such circumstances. It could be anyone, but having a personal injury lawyer by your side is vital. A highly skilled and experienced lawyer will help you guide in the right direction, plus sometimes it also provides support on many emotional levels. In fact, your attorney will also tell you about the pro and cons, which can directly hurt your case. This article will help you know about the mistakes that can easily wreck your car accident lawsuit against the opposing party. 

Below listed are things that one should avoid during or before the personal injury case to prevent any harm to the case and the financial compensation you’re entitled to for your injury and losses.

Do Not Lie Under Any Circumstance

Lying is a defence mechanism that we humans have when we panic or get frightened of something. Yet, in cases like personal injury, it is a criminal offence and can easily wreck up the case. Keep in check of your statements in front of the lawyer, insurance companies, on paperwork, if under oath, etc. If your information does not match under any circumstances, it will give the defendant’s lawyer a chance to put you under the surveillance. 

Be Attentive At The Time Of Filling Any Form

This may not look like a huge deal, but on the legal document, it is. It could be a ticking time bomb when it comes to your case. The opposing party or the insurance companies are like a hawk. All they want is a chance to use your silly single mistake against you and weaken the grounds of your case. Keep a check that every single thing is accurate at 100 percent. 

Thinking To Visit The Doctor After The Case

It would be a not very smart move for you and your case. On a personal level, if an injury or wound has been bothering to get it checked to avoid any sort of medical emergencies in the future. On the grounds of your case, seeking medical attention can make your case less effective and more bogus. 

Not Taking The Copy Of The Report

In this scenario, your prior responsibility is to make an extra copy of the police report and the doctor report as well. In some cases, to reduce the compensation amount, generation of false reports can also be there. These reports are the base ground of your case, which contains witness statements and information that is precious to your lawsuit.

Getting Rid Of The Evidence

Some of us are unknowingly getting rid of stuff like casts, prescription pill bottles, braces, or anything else related to the accident. It is not at all a good idea. The items themselves are a massive piece of evidence. They directly point at your injuries and wounds, which occurred in the first place because of negligence. 

Neglecting To Tell Your Lawyer

In this situation, your injury lawyer is the only person who can provide you with justice. He/she is an individual who will be fighting for your fundamental rights in respect of the case. Therefore, never lie or hide anything from your lawyer.

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