Most Innovative Extensions for Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox

The small software programs that can customize the browsing experience are known as extensions. The extensions make it possible for the users to tailor the functions of the web browser according to their requirements. We can build these extensions on web technologies. The most important web technologies to build extensions are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We are using extensions on the web browsers for various purposes. We can use extensions to meet business needs. We can also use extensions to improve the productivity of the business. We can also stay organized by using extensions and much more. Here, we will discuss the most innovative extensions for Mozilla Firefox.

HTTPS Everywhere:

We are facing lots of problems while browsing on the internet. When we visit a website, hackers can enter malware in our systems. After that, they can utilize this malware to steal private information from our system. To solve the security issues of the users, most of the websites have installed SSL certificates. These SSL certificates ensure the privacy of the users. If you install this extension on the Mozilla Firefox, it will allow only those websites to open in your system that are using SSL certificates. As a result, you can enhance the security of your system. The HTTPS will be present in front of the URL of a website. Moreover, it will also show a lock icon in the address bar. You can visit any website without taking care of the security of your system.


It is a content management extension that you can install on your Mozilla Firefox web browser. This essential extension allows you to turn your Gmail account into the online mass storage device. You can easily integrate this extension in your Mozilla Firefox browser. After installing it, you can easily save files in your Gmail account by using its simple drag and drop process. Gmail allows its users to install 2GB of their valuable data. If you are saving files by using this simple extension, you can turn this 2GB space into unlimited space. Its interface is also user friendly. By using its user-friendly interface, you can also manage lots of Gmail accounts in one place. You can store music, pictures and files on its database. For example, if you have saved music, you can directly listen to music by using Gspace. You can also directly view the saved photos and files by using Gspace.

Customize Google:

Google is the world’s most famous search engine. It is providing lots of products to users. By using this Mozilla Firefox extension, you can customize many features of the products that Google is offering for its users. By using this extension, you can customize the ads on any Google page. You can directly get access to the images in the Google Search results. It means that you don’t need to open their websites. It allows you to add the links from the other search engines in Google’s search results. You can also block Google click tracking by using this extension.

LastPass Manager:

In the online world, we have to create lots of accounts. In these accounts, there come social media accounts, Gmail accounts, and much more. We have to use unique passwords on all of these accounts. These unique passwords enhance the security of these accounts. After creating these accounts, it is difficult for us to remember these passwords. The best way to remember these passwords is to use an essential Mozilla Firefox extension LastPass Manager as suggested by experts of a dissertation help firm. By using this extension, you can easily manage the passwords of all of your online accounts.

Privacy Badger:

In the online world, you will have to face privacy issues in various ways. You can face these privacy issues in the form of invisible trackers. You can also face privacy issues in the form of ads that are tracking your privacy around the web. If you want to save your web browser from this kind of problem, you will have to install this essential extension. This essential extension can detect all the invisible trackers that are tracking the privacy of your website. They can also detect and block all the ads that are tracking your online activities.

AdGuard AdBlocker:

As the name suggests this extension is all about ads. When we visit any website on the internet or we watch any video on YouTube, we are distracted by ads. The advertising companies run these ads by tracking our online activities. You can solve the problems of being distracted from these ads by installing this essential ad tracking extension. It will block all the ads from the Mozilla Firefox browser. Therefore, you can browse any website without being distracted. This is also the best extension to make it harder for advertising companies to track your online activities.


While using Mozilla Firefox, you may have used lots of screen capturing extensions. This is the best screen capturing extension. It is built especially for the workers. They can easily capture the screen. After capturing the screen, they can highlight the most important points of the screen. After highlighting these points, you can also add notes below these points. You can also pass these captured screens with your co-workers. It also allows users to collaborate with their co-workers by using Trello or Slack. If you want to capture anything on your computer’s screen, you just need to click on the Marker’s sign.

Cookie AutoDelete:

You may have to face lots of privacy issues from the third-party cookies that are present on other websites. These cookies are present in the form of small text files. These cookies can track your online activities on the internet. This is the biggest threat to your online privacy. If you want to save from this kind of problem, you will have to install this extension in your Mozilla Firefox. It will take an overview of all the third-party cookies on the internet. After taking an overview of the third-party cookies, it will kill the unnecessary cookies. It will also whitelist cookies that are trusty. It means that these cookies can’t track your privacy on the internet.

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