N95 Masks, Respirators, And Other Healthcare Products

N95 mask
N95 masks

N95 masks are special air filters that offer complete air purification. They are intended to protect consumers from inhaling harmful particles. It is said that N95 mask has the highest level of air purifying capabilities among all the air purifiers in the market today. In fact, most hospitals and offices to ensure the use of these masks for their workers to prevent serious respiratory illnesses as a result of inhalation of dust and other indoor air pollution particles.

Types of molds

N95 molds come in different types.


There are masks that are made of vinyl and the most common are the nonwoven and spun bonding types. The vinyl type offers the most convenient and cost-effective option. This material is very lightweight and it can easily be maintained. This material also possesses excellent filtering properties and it can remove particles in the air that are bigger than 100 micrometres. But vinyl is also vulnerable to compression and it gets weaker overtime.


The most popular among N95 masks today are those that are constructed of thermoplastic. Thermoplastic is an injection molded plastic polymer and this is the most preferred among N95 masks because this material exhibits excellent resistance to temperature fluctuations and it can endure high-temperature conditions for long hours.

In addition, it exhibits excellent water resistance and its surface is resistant to scratches, abrasions and other forms of damages. In addition, it is available in many shapes including oval, round, square, and so on.

Features of N95 Mask

Aside from the different shapes and sizes, N95 masks also come with a variety of features.

Many N95s offer anti-microbial protection and anti-bacterial protection. They can effectively remove microorganisms like bacteria and fungi that pose a health threat to healthcare workers by reducing the chances of inhalation of these organisms.

High quality n95s feature integrated valve control systems that help provide airflow and prevent gas build-up.

Aside from offering superior protection, most N95 masks also meet or exceed quality and safety standards during operation. They undergo through rigorous testing methods and the entire manufacturing process undergoes continuous improvement for better performance and output. For instance, during the initial design and development process, the manufacturing team for this product focuses on testing methods such as air flow, water column height pressure, water drainage, inflation pressure, etc. The final product is tested for its ability to prevent contamination of the work space and prevent oil formation.

Things Quality engineering teams focus on

All the various specifications and features mentioned above are crucial in ensuring the optimal performance of any medical device. One important area that the quality control engineers focus on is compatibility with operating systems. Since all N95 masks for example are compatible with all current operating systems, all they need to do is ensure the compatibility. Quality engineering teams for most manufacturers to ensure compatibility by following manufacturer’s specifications for both the production and the assembly line of every product.

An N95 filter protects against the effects of hazardous substances. These substances are harmful to health because they are present in the air. In fact, these respiratory irritants are so hazardous that people with asthma or other respiratory illnesses should have N95 masks when they are around these substances. A N95 mask is therefore a very important medical device and one that every person in the work force should wear.

Since all N95 masks and other products have closed-cell polyethylene and neoprene fibres, they are easy to maintain. Most products for personal protection also have disposable liners that allow users to easily change it without fear of exposing the wearer to irritants that may trigger allergic reactions.

The closed-cell structure ensures that the materials are never damaged during transportation. In addition, most of the disposable liners come with a protective sealant that helps protect the wearer’s nasal area during contact with airborne pathogens.

The final testing methods and features that make each N95 masks and other healthcare products effective include high quality testing data and testing methodologies. Most researchers and producers like https://accumed.com/adhere to stringent guidelines for quality control. For example, all N95 masks and other products undergo multiple quality tests by both industry and independent groups to track and test every aspect of a product’s performance.

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