New Data Platforms That Transform The World In Pandemic COVID-19

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The coronavirus pandemic has surely transformed our world in more than a few ways. It has shed light on plenty of several new factors that our world never imagined would come to be known. Lives were lost, industries disrupted and more than a few businesses shattered all along the world.

The Pandemic and the Impact

More to this, the very nature of the disease was infectious. This meant that people could not simply get out of their homes and as a result of this the business as usual came to halt. Customers were not approaching the retail stores to get their tasks done or purchase items. Similarly, the businesses whose only means was retail, found themselves in a condition where they almost died.

The adverse impacts were many, which practically set economies to many many years back. This has not just impacted nations,but the livelihoods of people. And while most small businesses are not equipped to handle such devastating losses, they quit. Even with the provision of the government’s stimulus, organizations were not able to bounce back from the month long recurring losses.

While the market titans due to their large investments and already a bank of huge profits have been able to sustain themselves, they also took another road. In other words they used technology to the rescue.

Market Titans Leveraging Data

Companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart and many others are relying on technological advancements rather than just mere banks of money. They have invested in one of the most essential forms of asset that is there in today’s world and that is nothing but data.

Data is the backbone of organizations, helping them build a strong and firm foundation of the organization. This means that if organizations have to survive in the world today, they have to heavily rely on the data. Data is the only thing that can give an edge to the organization and make them bounce back on their feets.

Today, every organization is collecting data. In other words, they have an abundance of data because customers are interacting with their business in one form or the other. For example, the sources of data from where the businesses can generate important insights are-

  • Customers interact with businesses through customer support
  • They browse the website and purchase products
  • They provide their personal data to complete the purchase. These includes phone number, address, email address and more
  • Then, there’s social media platforms where customers engage with organizations

All these sources and more, generate data. And while organizations figure out how to sustain themselves in today’s world all they should be doing is to rely on the important information that this data has to offer.

Data Analytics for the Change

But for most organizations data analytics is a huge burden. Because most are still under the assumption that it will take a lot of time and investment in money. However, the situation is changing. No doubt that data analytics services requires teams and time, new platforms are bringing about the revolution.

Many new technological platforms are emerging around the world that are causing change for people. For example, TIBCO COnnected intelligence is one such platform that has strong technological foundations and helps businesses leverage data analytics to a great extent.

The purpose of the platform is to make analytics more accessible and less time consuming. Therefore, the efforts of the businesses would be less and more important insights will be derived from the data.

API Led Micro services, real time data integration as well as Devops are turning out to be the pillar stones for modern data analytics platforms. This is because at the end of the day there are multiple departments in an organization. And while each of them have their own needs, they want to view the data with their angle.

Thus, creating visualizations turns out to be the solution out of this. The data is fed into the analytics tab to create more applications and unravel questions of the businesses around the decision making with data.

While making predictions is an important part of the business data, it is also crucial to look at other factors responsible for the growth of organization. While introducing DevOps to the traditional data science stream might seem very unlikely, it has drastic effects on the organizations.

In other words, it is helping build a robust organization whose foundation lies in string predictions with data flowing in from multiple sources. The end result is that it leads to the reliability of the organizations and increases its potential to make the most of the available data for decision making.

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