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A year is full of occasions and different festivals. Whenever there is a happy moment, one may want to send some nice gifts to their near and dear ones to make them happy. Now, usual gifts can be given all the time; but if one wants to do something different, then they can always opt for the gift baskets. Gift baskets or hampers are something which can be arranged differently depending on what the occasion or the purpose of sending that hamper is.

Gifting is much more than the physical exchange of things. It is a way of communicating and sending messages to people. When you choose a gift for someone with some thought in it, it will give happiness to that person. So, you should always try to choose a gift that can express your care for that person. For choosing a perfect meaningful gift for someone, it will take a little perceptiveness and creativity. There is a variety of gifts on Express gift service, where you can easily choose a gift and can also order the gift online.

It is also easy to make some beautiful gift baskets at home. One can also send gift hampers online though and when they check those online sites; there are plenty of options available as well. But when one is making a gift basket at home then one can always make it by keeping in mind a theme totally depending on what the occasion is or to whom it is being given. Here are some easy gift hampers to make at home:

Book Hampers

If one is preparing a hamper for someone who is an avid reader, then it is the best to go for a book basket for them. One can add a few hard covers there and they must be either from their favourite authors or their favourite genre or both. Apart from books, in order to add variety one can add some handmade book marks there as well. Those who love reading books will definitely appreciate the book marks. It is also a great idea to add a few merchandise that are inspired from popular book characters like Harry Potter or Tintin (like their miniatures or other things). Also, when making a book basket one must not forget to add some late night snacks into it because when one is engrossed in a book they must need some munchies to accompany it. Depending on the budget of the basket, one can add a Kindle there as well.

Spa Hampers

It is a perfect gift idea to the women of your life. They are always up for a good spa session and will be elated to receive something similar as a gift. One can make a spa basket with some nice bath salts, essential oils, body scrub and body butter inside it. Apart from that, one can also add some spa vouchers from their favourite salon so that they can go and rejuvenate themselves and release the stress in those sessions.

Tea and Coffee Hampers

It is a great gift idea for those who are connoisseurs of tea and coffee. Flavoured tea boxes or bags and a bottle of fresh ground coffee can be put in this basket along with some nice cupcakes and cookies in it. It is also a good idea to add a mug with it in the basket.

There are plenty of other options that one can think of like beauty baskets, snack baskets and chocolate baskets. In order to send hampers by post UK one can choose any of them or can order from online sites.

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