Overseas Hotels That Generally Unlocked

Hotels That Generally Unlocked
Hotels That Generally Unlocked
Overseas Hotels That Generally Unlocked

It’s been more than 10 years, but it’s an incident at the hotel I stayed at during my trip to Italy. Overseas hotels There are many places where Seki is not as neat as Japanese hotels, but I made a reservation without worrying because it was a downtown area of a tourist destination.

The hotel has a lock on the guest room door, but in the morning, a general employee opened the door and brought me a morning service (breakfast was included in the room).

I was surprised when I was using the shower or wandering around in my room clothes, but I served with a terrifying smile and started to leave immediately. I’m surprised that overseas hotels are small, and there are quite a few employees coming and going.

More than 10 years ago, when I visited Switzerland on my first overseas trip, I felt the importance of water at overseas hotels. Hotel guest room Mineral water in a PET bottle was placed. According to the guide, the water from the faucet is not suitable for drinking, so drinking water should be prepared separately for each PET bottle.

Usually, we tend to think that the water from the faucet is the same. In foreign countries, the time when we first felt the importance of water at an overseas hotel when we knew that drinking and washing people were in different places. was.

The World Swimming Championships will be held on the 23rd of the 8th at the Oriental Sports Center in the area, and Kazuki Murakami (Jobu Univ.) Will participate in the men’s high diving. Sho Sakai, who had entered, abstained from Nippon Sport Science University.

The top 18 will advance to the afternoon semi-finals, and the top 12 semi-finals will advance to the finals on the 24th. Finalists will be given the right to participate in the London Olympics by country/region. In addition, the swimmers, whose competition will start on the 24th, made final adjustments at the pool at the match venue.

FIFA (FIFA) is the latest girl on the 22nd local time Japan’s ranking, which announced the world rankings and won the women’s World Cup Germany 2011 held the other day, remained unchanged at 4th place. In addition, there is no change in the top ranks of the top US, 2nd Germany, and 3rd Brazil. Among Asians other than Japan, Australia is 9th, North Korea is 12th, China is 15th, and South Korea is 16th.

Below, the latest FIFA rankings

  1. USA (0)
  2. Germany (0)
  3. Brazil (0)
  4. Japan (0)
  5. Sweden (0)
  6. England (4)
  7. France (0)
    8 Canada (-2)
  8. Australia (2)
  9. Norway (-1)
  10. Italy (1)
  11. North Korea (-4)
  12. Denmark (0)
  13. Netherlands (1)
  14. China (0 ) )
  15. Korea (0)
  16. Iceland (-1)
  17. Spain (0)
  18. Finland (0)
  19. Russia (0)

The numbers in parentheses are up and down from the previous ranking. Junya Koga (Daiichi Sankyo), the only Japanese gold medalist at the FINA World Championships in Rome, will take on the men’s backstroke, which will start qualifying on the 25th, as a “challenge”. Last time, I got a gold medal at 100 meters and a silver medal at 50 meters.

The reason for his attitude, which is not like a “world champion”, is —. Koga suffered a slump this spring as if to replace his rival Ryosuke Irie (Itoman SS), who had been sluggish due to injury and poor physical condition last season.

At the World Championships National Selection (Hamamatsu) in April, the dispatch standard record set by the Japan Swimming Federation could not be broken at 100 meters, and the representatives for this event could not be decided.

Although he got a job offer at 50 meters, he lost to 8th place at 100 meters at the Japan Open (Osaka) in May. Koga regrets, “Practice has become a self-purpose, and the match was not the goal.” He pursued too much time in practice and neglected his strategy and how to match the peaks in the race. However, he regained his intuition in the third consecutive European Grand Prix match in June.

He constantly set the time and won two wins at fifty meters. “I came up from the bottom without stagnation,” he laughs. Entered Shanghai on the 21st. “The pool is very beautiful. I think I can swim comfortably,” he said. This is the first time I’ve seen the race venue, but I’ve been drawing the image of the race all the time.

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The target time is 24 seconds 5 at 50 meters and 52 seconds 5 at 100 meters. Both are high-level hurdles that only Camille Lacourt (France) has cleared this season. After a year of ronin life this spring, I was able to meet a support company. “I can now focus on swimming without paying attention to anything else,” he says.

In order to give back to the people who supported me, I will continue to “challenge” endlessly. [Tatsuya Haga] the 10th round of the diamond league on land, the Monaco tournament was held on the 22nd, and the world record holder Usain Bolt (Jamaica) at 9:88 for men’s 100 meters won over.

David Rudisha (Kenya) won the men’s 800 meters at 1: 42.61, the highest in the world this season.

The Diamond League on land played the 10th round here on the 22nd, and the world championship and Olympic champion Usain Bolt (Jamaica) won the 9th personal best this season at the men’s 100 meters. I won the championship in 88 seconds.

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