Places To Visit In Pawna- The Offbeat Destination

Visit In Pawna

Pawna lake, an artificial lake located in Maharashtra is one of the most popular destinations among tourists. It is about 25 km from Lonavala and is a popular picnic spot for camping. The setting of Pawna lake offers various destinations that makes this spot a stunning one. It has its great atmosphere and offers a quiet retreat away from the hassles of city life.

 Here is the list of top places that you must visit around Pawana lake:

  1. Dinosaurs park, Lonavala

There is a mini Jurassic park of Dinosaurs in Lonavala which is spread across 6.5 acres. It includes lots of adventure activities and the games and events themed around dinosaurs. So it is the best place for children for fun and enjoyment. 

  1. Lohagad- Visapur fort 

Lohagad fort is the hill fort of Maharashtra. It is set at an elevation of 1,033 meters above sea level and it is connected to the Visapur fort by a small range. Here you can see the Pawna lake that divides the basins of the Indrayani. 

Visapur fort is set at an elevation of 1,084 meters above sea level and the caves, christens of waters decorated arch and old houses make the fort more majestic. It is said that they are built by Pandavas. It is thus one of the famous trekking spots near Pawna lake. 

  1. Dudhiware Waterfalls

Dudhiware waterfalls is very near to Pawna lake and it offers the breathtaking views of the waterfall. It is famous for waterfall rappelling, zip line and valley crossing. It is set at a height of 135 feet where you can experience a thrilling adventure with its amazing sights. 

  1. Prati Pandharpur

Prati Pandharpur adds more charms as you get the feel of Pandharpur by Baba Maharaj Satarkar a famous speaker on Dnyaneshwari. It is a famous religious place which provides the real beauty of nature. It  is situated in Dudhiware village near Pawna lake. It offers you the beautiful garden that is there in front of the temple, lush green forest and pleasant climate. Thus it constitutes a perfect place for meditation to seek peace. 

  1. Tikona fort

Tikona fort also known as Vatandgad is set at an elevation of 3,500 feet. It is in a triangle shape as the name suggests. You will also see the temple of Trembakeshwara Mahadev there from which you can look out for seven water tanks and some satvahan caves. It also provides a mesmerizing view of Pawna lake from the fort which will leave you spellbound. 

  1. Tung fort

Tung fort also known as Kathingad fort is set at an elevation of 1,075 meters above sea level. As the name Kathin means difficult it has steep climbs with a very narrow route on the edge of the mountain which makes it more challenging. The fort is near to the Pawna dam and its sharp and conical peak makes it an important landmark for the people there. 

  1. Bedse Caves

Bedse caves also called as Bedsa caves is an amazing place for trekking and night camping near Pune. there is the group of rock cut mountains in the Maval region. The cave faces eastwards so it will be blissful to visit in the early morning. It has two main caves namely Chaitya and Vihara which are best to visit for. 

  1. Hadshi Temple

Hadshi temple located near paud is dedicated to Vitthal Rukmini. It is across 300 acres surrounded with lush greenery all around. It is the best place for meditation and peace and you will definitely enjoy the beauty with its religious offerings. 

  1. Chinmay Vibuti

Swami Chinmayananda in 1995 gave his very first talk in a small Ganesh temple. Then in 2012 the temple was reconstructed which gives beautiful floorings and majestic ceilings. There is the Dhyana mandir or meditation hall where one can seek tranquility. Hence it is best to visit after overnight Pawna lake camping. It is located 45 kms from Pune and 13 ksm from Pawna lake camping. 

So what are you waiting for? Pawna not only offers you camping over Pawna lake but also its pristine beauty in its forts and temples. Hence its richness in nature and ancient significance makes it a popular destination near Pune. 

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