Process Of A Funeral Service In Singapore

Singapore Funeral service
Singapore Funeral service

A Singapore funeral service is a ceremony of respect for the dead. People who are not familiar with this tradition are usually amazed by this practice and think that it is only something that occurs in the West.

The burial of the departed is very important and the people attending the funeral service are very close to the deceased. The body will be laid to rest and everyone at the funeral service is there because they were a part of the deceased’s life. They are his family and friends. It is only fitting that they be at the funeral service and receive the eulogy for the deceased.

There are some people who are embarrassed when they have a family member who dies and attend a funeral service because they are afraid that they are being made to feel unclean. But it does not have to be like this. People of all races, religions, and cultures attend a Singapore funeral service and it is an honor for them to do so.

Beginning Of The Funeral Service

When a person dies it is a tragedy, no one is immune to death, so in order to offer comfort to those in mourning, a funeral service can be very helpful. A traditional funeral service begins with a reading of scripture and then prayers and then a burial service. In some cases the funeral service can be more than just a memorial service.

Some families like to give speeches about how much the deceased loved his family and how he had done many good deeds for the community. Others prefer to do their own eulogies.

Before the funeral service the family gives a short speech to the mourners. This is often the first time that the family has given a funeral service since the death occurred. They may also have delivered eulogies or sent out sympathy cards. Usually, when someone dies they do not leave a written testament that they want the family to read and this is why a traditional funeral service is so beneficial.

Often the family does not choose to have a funeral service during the lifetime of the deceased, but instead hold a wake. This is a gathering of the family at some other time of the day or night where all family and friends gather to remember the deceased and to offer support. The person who was a part of the family for so many years will be remembered at this event and they will be able to share their life with others through stories and photos.

Sometimes the family will choose to send out a eulogy for their loved one that is read before the service begins and this helps to make the funeral service more personal to everyone who is there.

Funeral Eulogy

The eulogy is the most important part of the service and is usually delivered by the pallbearer, who will read the eulogy to the mourners and then they will go to the place of the funeral. Often this is a private place and is a more serene environment. Sometimes the family will hold a private wake and do not send out the eulogy until the funeral is over.

As mentioned earlier the funeral service can be more personal and include more of the stories of the deceased. The service should be a private one and the family will not normally have a minister deliver the service. When the service is being held at a church, it will likely have a hymn that is sung at the beginning of the service.

It is a traditional way to commemorate a person and as the family moves forward they will continue to hold the funeral service. It is a time to honor the life of the deceased, the contributions they made, their love for family and friends and how much they loved everyone else and especially their family. It is the family that will be remembered and a celebration of a life that once was.

The funeral service can be held at any time of the year and it can be at a cemetery in Singapore or at another location of the funeral home. It can be held in a funeral home or at a place of worship.


There are many ways to hold a traditional funeral service. In some cases the family and friends hold it at the funeral home and others choose to hold it in a private venue. The reason the service is held in a private setting is to allow for all of the family to pay tribute to the deceased and to be able to share their experiences and their views on the life of the deceased.

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