Professional Cleaning Vs Self Carpet Cleaning

Professional Cleaning Vs Self Carpet Cleaning - Ryan Carpet Cleaning
Professional Cleaning Vs Self Carpet Cleaning - Ryan Carpet Cleaning

From time to time, carpets require maintenance. A good cleaning will take out germs and restore the shine in your carpets. When should you handle your own carpet cleaning, and when should you contact a professional carpet cleaning company in London to get it done for you?

Carpet products come in varieties. Some are easily hand cleaned, while others require only professional cleaning. To prevent ruining your carpet, it is always advisable to make enquiries from professional carpet cleaners. If you are uncertain about the cleaning procedures and materials, reach out to a professional cleaning company and ask for help. We have written out some differences between self carpet cleaning and professional carpet cleaning. They can be grouped as;

Carpet Varieties

Carpets come in various materials, both natural (silk, cotton, wool, jute) and synthetic (acrylic, polyamide, viscose). Just as each material differs in texture, structure and colour, each material also differs in cleaning requisite. Some materials are friendly enough to allow self home cleaning, while others require strict, professional cleaning.

What are the carpet types that can be cleaned at home?

Naturally made carpets require more meticulous processes. It is tougher to get rid of dust and dirt from these materials even when a steam cleaner or a vacuum cleaner is used. A slight mistake can ruin the entire material of the carpet. Synthetic carpets are easier to handle but still require the right skills. Cleaning up a synthetic carpet properly will instantly return the intensity of its colour.

What stains can be home cleaned?

Some stains can be easily removed, while others require professional experience to get rid of. Stains from coffee, berries, cat pee and wine can be difficult to eliminate, and some really unpleasant odours will stick around unless evacuated by professional equipment.

How to make your own carpet cleaning products

There are some homemade products that can be used to effectively eliminate stains from carpets. These products can be easily made from two or three mixtures, and some of them are multi-purposed. Every expert cleaner has a product always kept handy to help them deal with impromptu stains. As an aspiring self-made carpet cleaner, it is only fair that you get one of your own products. Here is how to go about it;

  • You will need; 1 tablespoon of baking soda, 1/3 cup of white vinegar, and 1 tablespoon of detergent, and of course, water.
  • Method; Get an empty spray bottle, mix all ingredients into a glass of water (the water should almost fill the spray bottle). Shake thoroughly, and there you have your own homemade carpet cleaner.

Apply on any stain lightly, scrub with little pressure and rinse with clean water.

Carpet types for professionals

With these conventional cleaning products, one can never be a hundred percent certain, especially for specific made carpet types. Some of the dirt can easily escape into the depths of the carpet fibre, hide there and become a breeding ground for harmful micro-organisms.

In cases like this, dry cleaning is a certain solution. After dry cleaning, the carpet will emerge looking brighter and softer. Both natural and synthetic made carpet materials can be cleaned at the dry cleaners’. Products like silk and wool are delicate and susceptible to damage. With these materials, dry cleaning is the best approach.

The dry cleaning process

Here is everything that the dry cleaning process entails

  1. Removal of dust: The dust is first eliminated before subjecting the carpet to dry cleaning.
  2. Removal of stains: The particular product required to eliminate the specific stain is then supplied.
  3. The machine for dry cleaning is automated to distribute detergent evenly on the material. Then brushes move along the length of the carpet, thoroughly eliminating dirt. Water is then dispensed to rinse the carpet, which is then twisted to dry out the water.
  4. Some carpet types do not tolerate wet cleaning, so they are cleaned without the use of water. Special solvents are used to keep the carpets clean and dry at the end of the process.
  5. The wet cleaned carpet is then placed in a warm room to aid its natural ventilation until it is completely dried.
  6. A special comb is then used to smoothen out the carpet and the surface, and then it is sometimes polished with a vacuum cleaner.

Benefits of dry cleaning

  • Time efficiency
  • It is safe for the health of the occupants of the building
  • High quality and better performance

The result attained by a self-cleaning and professional cleaning is incomparable. If you have been practising self carpet cleaning for a while now, maybe you should try professional cleaning for a change.

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