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Custom packaging brings many possibilities to the table for manufacturers and sellers of goods. No matter the product type, packaging has some universal roles to play in the lifespan of the goods. However, how one designs those boxes is pretty much a factor of product type for which that box is. There is a lot that goes into the production for these boxes. A major portion of the American population consumes cereals. For cereals, the packaging box holds a value from several aspects.

The cereal box needs to be strong enough to keep cereals fresh

It is not, in fact, the strength of the box that can keep the cereals fresh. However, it has a lot to do with that. Regular boxes are cardboard boxes. These boxes are quite strong and sturdy and can keep the products safe from bumps and other damages. However, cereals are not so much fragile and can stay alright after minor mishandling. However, the cereals need to be airtight in order to survive the long shelf times.

cereal packaging

For this, cereal packaging uses aluminum bags or plastic sheets. The airtight bags can ensure the freshness of the cereals for longer periods. The packaging boxes are then necessary to keep the cereal bags alright during the journey. Here, regular cardboard or Kraft cereal boxes are enough for the protection.

Marketable Cereal Packaging

Besides the strength, there are several other prospects of packaging boxes that make the products alright for markets. Not every product box makes the products marketable. The role strength plays in the life of products is primarily for shipment. For markets, the product packaging needs to be attractive, stylish, and outstanding.

When the products are on the market shelves, they are surrounded by the competition. The competition is usually among similar products from different brands. This is where the product packaging impacts the businesses in a most meaningful manner. The products which appear more attractive to the consumers in markets are more likely to be purchased. Therefore, companies and firms attempt to make the product presentation as much appealing as possible.

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A Practical Shape

There are different ways of doing that. First comes the box shape. There are different boxes which can be perfect for the package of the cereals. Whatever shape you choose, do consider a handling perspective for the box shape. Not all shapes are easy to handle. However, consumers use the packaging for cereals several times even after purchase. So, the box shape must be easy to handle.

Colorful Boxes

Next comes the print which goes on these boxes. Not all printed boxes have the same impact on the audience. Some are, of course, more effective than others. Use engaging images and information on the cereal packaging boxes in order to make them appealing. Not all cereals are for all ages. With custom cereal boxes, it possible to engage in targeted marketing.

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For the cereals, which are for children, cartoon cereal boxes are better. On the other hand, it is more practical for adults to print the necessary information with some engaging images and colors. Colors make things more beautiful and hence, presentable. Colors also help categorize different flavors of cereals which brands produce and sell.

Impressive Feel and Experience

Most of the time, it is not the product companies sell. It is the experience and feels that sells. Several types of box finishes are available for the companies to decide. To transform the feel of the product packaging, a final touch is the right course of action.

All of those finish options have their own perks. For instance, applying a UV coating on the custom cereal boxes makes the boxes humid proof. The UV coating provides a soft feel to the boxes. This way, the boxes are better for use and impressions.

There are two main variants in UV coating; matte and glossy. The choice lies with the companies and firms which need cereal packaging boxes. There are more options that make the product packaging all the way more practical for consumers.

One such thing is the box handle. The custom boxes with handles are more practical for consumers. This is because such boxes are easy to carry and even store.

It is not a compulsion for the companies to use handle boxes for cereals. However, using this can make the cereals compete better in markets. Custom packaging offers a wide range of options that result in ideal packaging for cereals.

How a company decides on custom cereal boxes depends on the company. After all, every business knows its consumer base.

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