“We’re Gonna Go… Shopping!” 7 Reasons Why People Prefer Online Shopping

Online Shopping

Customers purchase goods and services for various reasons. Online shopping has been popular worldwide ever since internet connections have been available. In addition, digital marketing, such as emailing and text messaging helped businesses to gain more attention.  

In 2019, around 1.92 billion of the worldwide population purchased online. Moreover, with a global population of 7.28 billion people this year, around 27.2% are interested in online shopping.  

1. Wide range of products to choose from

When you visit a physical store, there are only limited choices compared to what you can see on online stores. You can store-hop easily without getting your feet all soar and hurt. In addition, you can compare the quality of the items from one store to another.

Almost 61% of online shoppers purchase products that are related to fashion, and 72% of them are women.  According to Statista, over 95% of all purchases will be done online by 2040. 

2. Prices vary

Have you noticed that sometimes the prices of products in physical stores are much more than those online? It’s because running a physical store costs a lot, including factors such as maintenance, rent, electricity, and payroll.

Retailers found out that if they can meet the needs of their customers through online operation, they can cut costs of their products. Operating online doesn’t require as much as it needs to run a physical store.

3. Discounts and free deliveries

Are coupons and discounts still attracting potential customers? As of 2019, around 90% of shoppers worldwide purchased online using coupons and vouchers in one way or another. Also, a total of 31 billion digital vouchers have been claimed around the world. To answer the question, yes, everyone doesn’t mind getting coupons, may it be online or via mail.  

Free shipping options have also caught the attention of consumers. It has been one of the most awaited bargains from time to time because it leads to more sales.

Online Shopping

4. Visible reviews

When you go to a physical store, no one can tell you details of the products aside from the salesperson. You won’t be able to gather information about personal preferences and experiences because there are customer reviews in the area. On the other hand, online shop reviews can be easily viewed by interested buyers. They will be able to see honest assessments on how the products arrived and their quality.

Reviews do not just help the buyers, but also the sellers. The number of good reviews may be equivalent to sales, and more interested customers because good credibility is really important in businesses. 

Positive online reviews increase the purchasing interest of consumers, and give them the idea to visit the main website to learn more about the products. These reviews can also lead to a 31% increase in the spending of consumers.

5. Payment options

No cash? No problem! With a wide range of payment options to choose from, you don’t have to worry about how you are going to pay your purchase. Simply choose the one you prefer, and you can easily checkout.

According to research, most online shoppers (which is around 40%) chose Paypal as their payment option. The next popular one is the traditional credit card, which is used by 31% of online shoppers. 

6. Time-saver

Have no time to go to physical shops? No need to worry because, with your most trusted online store, you can just choose, add to cart, and place your order. With a wide range of devices to use and the availability of internet connections, you can purchase anything online wherever you are. 

The most used device for online shopping is mobile. It’s mostly the reason why online stores create their websites and applications for mobile viewing.  

7. Safer

Since 2020, the COVID-19 virus has been continuously affecting our lives. A lot of establishments are closed because people are taking precautionary measures so they limit the time when they go outside.

On the other hand, the rise of online shopping also created an opportunity for online businesses since people spend most of their time at home and online. 

Technological advances, such as online shopping, have been a great help for people’s daily lives. From the convenience of purchasing through small devices and hassle-free delivery to endless vouchers and coupons, it can’t be denied that it’s a huge help. If you enjoy shopping online, don’t forget to share below your greatest experiences. 

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