Reasons Why Glass Display Cases are Important for Loss Prevention

Glass Display Cabinets
Glass Display Cabinets

Glass display cabinets are the ultimate solution when we want our medals and collectibles at home, to remain safe. In a very similar manner, retailers find it best when it comes to loss prevention.

Glass cabinets are an integral part of a store’s layout, helps in display and safekeeping, and as a result, affect the sales procedures, making it easier.

Here are three reasons why people always fall back upon glass cabinets, and find it of utmost importance for loss prevention.

Prevention of Theft

The very fact that your merchandise is covered, and locked in a glass display cabinet, makes you confident that the products are protected. Glass cabinets are available in various shapes and sizes-big or small, wall-mounted or free-standing, mirrored or not.

The cabinets with locks increases the security, because trust me it is not humanly possible to be vigilant of every corner of the story, and also assist the customers at the same time.

But again, glass display cases cannot prevent theft of their own. Keep them secured under lock and key, especially during the business hours. Display the most valuable products all across the store, and not all, together, and definitely nothing near the entrance.

Prevention of Breakage of Items

Display cabinets not only protect your merchandise against theft, but they also protect the items from getting stained or broken. If kept inside a cabinet, people won’t be able to touch the rich merchandise or collectibles easily, thus reducing the risk of breaking them. Security experts always suggest tempered glass instead of regular glass, as it reduces the chances of breaking of the glass of the cabinets.

Prevention of Loss in Business

Losing of sales is no less painful than a theft or breakage for a retailer. You need to put your merchandise on display, else, there always remains a chance of losing business.

With the handy glass display cases you can display all your merchandise without compromising the security. Customers can easily have a glance and choose what type of item they are looking for, making both the retailer and the customers’ job easier.

But Who Are Benefited Most From The Glass Display Cabinets?

There’s always a lump sum amount involved in doing a business. And for some retailers, a big part of that amount is also used trying to prevent damage and loss to their merchandise.

In fact, some individuals deal with such vulnerable items, that prevention to loss and breakage happens to be the focal point of their business. And, as discussed above, here come the glass cabinets to the rescue.

Let’s read about five retailers who are in need of the valuable glass display cabinets the most.


Most of the jewellers are always worrying about robberies, especially the smash and grab ones. It is super easy for a robber to smash the glass cases and run away with the jewels, it would hardly take a minute or two. But the glass display cabinets having tempered glass doors, are kind of theft resistant as it would take much longer time to smash open.

So, when you are spending some bucks for those display cases, opt for those tougher glass ones, even if that requires you to shed some more money, and goes beyond your budget.

Antique Dealers

Retailers dealing with antique products or collectibles that have historical value, know for sure how some items are irreplaceable and what their market value can be. But unfortunately, as it is seen the costliest of the collectibles are also the most fragile. And one needs to be extra careful while dealing with them, keeping them intact.

In this case, retailers can take the help of the sturdy glass cabinets to protect the items from rough or unnecessary handling. You can also scan and ensure who can touch the items and who cannot. After all, something that cannot be replaced needs utmost care, attention, and product placement.

Electronic Goods

For the sellers of smartphones, e-readers, tablets, and other costly electronic goods, security is as important as customer experience. The display cabinets, we usually find in the electronic retail shops, are designed in such a manner that those not only display the goods properly but also showcase them securely. The display cases used for showcasing high-end consumer goods should be strong, durable, yet look aesthetic and pleasing.

High-End Retail Goods

High-end retailers, whether it is fashion or beauty, need sturdy glass display cabinets. How sturdy you need depends upon the value of the items, on average. It also will differ depending upon the merchandise you are selling. If you sell perfumes, that will need a separate display case than that of a retail store selling high-end shoes.

Shops Selling Arms

The safety of the arms and armament selling shops, is of utmost importance, for the seller, the customer and for the whole community. For gun shops, laminated glass is best suited as they are bullet-resistant and cannot be easily smashed and broken.

It costs more but definitely worth the buy, because a lot of lives would be in danger otherwise. Once an accidental misfiring happens, there’s no looking back.

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