Recurrent Miscarriage Cause and Marden Treatments to Help You Get Cute Child

Recurrent Miscarriage

Recurrent Miscarriage – Pregnancy is the reason for many women’s happiness. But many women suffer a miscarriage, and some suffer from it more often. This recurrent miscarriage sometimes causes extreme discomfort and a sense of loss. So let’s discover the cause of these Multiple miscarriages and Their available treatment. That can help you feel happy and hopeful that you can get pregnant after these miscarriages.

Recurrent Miscarriage Causes 


Many factors cause Recurrent Miscarriage. Some of these, if not diagnosed properly, can even cause you infertility. So it’s better to find these causes for a successful pregnancy.

Here are some prominent Causes of Miscarriage.

Genetic Abnormalities

A common cause of early and recurrent miscarriages is genetic anomalies.If you are faced with multiple Miscarriages in the early stages, they may have occurred due to chromosome abnormality. Therefore, you and your partner should go for genetic Screening. After screening, your doctor will suggest treatment according to your abnormalities. For sampling and Screening of these abnormalities, some methods are used.

  1. CVS (Chorionic villus sampling) is a sampling where samples of both the parents are taken and analyzed.
  2. Amniocentesis in which some maternal liquid from the womb is taken for analysis.

 For couples going through IVF, PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis) increases the number of eggs. After this process, eggs are removed and injected with semen to Fertilize the eggs. If you are worried about expensive IVF methods, then you can also look for affordable but experienced IVF centers. For example, let’s take the IVF Cost in Jaipur, where Ivf treatment cost ranges from 1 lakh rupees to 1.2 Lakh rupees. Of course, it can be a little different in your city, but it will cost you the same on average. But don’t forget about the benefits it can give you.

Uterus Problems

Sometimes many problems occur in a women’s uterus that can lead to miscarriage. Some of these are prominent causes of recurrent miscarriage, like fibroids or natural defects of the uterus that you were born with these defects. These factors can cause many problems starting from constant pains and ending in miscarriage.

Hormonal Effects

Hormones are an important growth factor. What if the same hormones start causing you different problems? Yes, much hormonal growth and deficiency can lead you to recurrent miscarriage. One of them is PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) that leads to an increase the androgen growth in your body. If left unchecked, it will become the main reason for your miscarriage.

Antibody Syndrome

In these situations, Antibodies produced by the mother’s body block the blood vessels towards the womb, and the fetus dies due to lack of nutrition. These blockages of vessels and blood clotting are the main reason for recurrent missed miscarriages in many women. Not to mention that many women are not aware of these conditions. Proper treatment and Screening can save you from this condition.

How to Find Cause of Recurrent Miscarriage

You have suffered miscarriage more than one time. Then your physician can advise you on one or many tests and Screening. To figure out exactly what caused your miscarriages. Few of these tests are

  1. Ultrasound test to determine the cavity and abnormality of your uterus.
  2. Auto-Immune disorder testing for the patient who is facing recurrent miscarriage means miscarriage occurs more than three times.
  3. Hormonal disorder checkup for PCOS and Insulin Resistance.
  4. Screening for genetic defects and disorders. Both couples are screened for any genetic problems.

These tests are mostly used to determine the cause of miscarriage, but it’s best you wait for your physician’s decision. They can tell you what test is required on your behalf.

Recurrent Miscarriage Treatment

You know about the cause of miscarriage and how it is found. Now comes the Recurrent Miscarriage Treatment. Yes, treatment is possible. Nowadays, it can treat difficult to difficult conditions. Some treatment methods are. 

Blood Dilution

For conditions of Blood clotting and Antibody Syndrome, blood dilution is an effective method to treat it. Your physician can prescribe you some blood diluting medicine to control your condition. But be cautious about these medicines because they can cause many side effects. So only use these medicines as prescribed.


Surgery is required for situations like fibroids and deformed uterus to give a healthy condition. Fibroids are removed before pregnancy to eliminate any possibility of miscarriage due to fibroids during pregnancy.

Hormonal Balancing

For women affected by hormonal imbalance, it is required to control the hormones to the natural conditions to conceive a baby easily. Medicine prescribed by your physician can surely help in improving your conditions.

Genetic Screening

 Genetic Screening is a way to determine the defect in your DNA. Any defect is found. IVF is the best option for you to get pregnant successfully. In IVF, multiple eggs of females are used to fertilize with male semen. So your chances of getting pregnant are higher than the natural pregnancy. Once fertilized, the embryo is transferred back to the womb. In this way, the genetic cause that affects the making of embryos is eliminated, and you can become pregnant easily. This process also eliminates the risk of recurrent miscarriage.       

Change Your Lifestyle

Changing your lifestyle may seem insufficient, but it can save you from many troubles. For example, choosing the right food and morning routine can help you control your hormonal disorder. Keeping a healthy weight is also a great idea. These lifestyle changes will increase your chances of pregnancy.

Medical Conditions

Treating the medical conditions you have before proceeding with pregnancy treatment is highly recommended. That way, you can be saved from any future miscarriage that occurs due to these medical conditions. Controlling your blood pressure and Blood Sugar is also helpful for the future. Be sure to discuss all your medical problems with your doctor. before you go for recurrent miscarriage treatment.

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Bottom Line for Recurrent Miscarriage

Now you know all the possible causes and treatments of Recurrent Miscarriage. Be aware of these conditions and always consult your physician before you come to any results. They can guide you correctly and treat you well. At last, be patient about your condition. Every condition is treatable, so follow your physician’s advice. 

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