Robotics And Coding Tools You Can Use In The Classroom

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Robotics and coding

Robotics and coding are super important in education and are used at schools around the world, including the GIIS smart campus in Kuala Lumpur. Robotics and coding help prepare modern students for the future workforce. Here are some tips for choosing schools or classrooms that know how to implement robotics and coding in the classroom:

The best classrooms allow students to explore first.

It’s important to allow students to interact with robotics and coding resources and explore their capabilities. Students will get very excited when they make their robot move along the path, whether successfully or with failures as they love to learn through the process of exploration. We recommend asking schools during your tour whether or not they allow students to explore robotics and coding resources on their own.

The best classrooms encourage students to teach their teachers.

Most classrooms focus on the teachers teaching the students, but students have trouble engaging when they are simply listening to a lecture. Instead, we recommend finding a classroom that encourages students to learn new things on their own and teach something to their teachers. This applies to robotics and coding. Studies show that people learn best when they teach a concept to someone else, so classrooms should allow students to learn how to code in a hands-on way, then show their teachers what they have learned. The technique will deepen their understanding of the coding concepts and create more excitement and engagement for the students.

The best classrooms encourage students to fail.

Many students are afraid to even try new things like robotics and coding because they are afraid to fail and embarrassed to be wrong. We recommend choosing an international school in Kuala Lumpur that encourages students to try new things and fail, since that is a normal part of the learning process. Students tend to routinely fail as they learn and work to move their robot around a path.

Many of these students become discouraged when they cannot figure out the right code, but this is a great opportunity for teachers to encourage a growth mindset and allow students to get comfortable with the idea that failure is okay and a normal part of life. Failure is an integral part of the learning process where students can build from their failure, perseverance and learn from their mistakes. At the time of admission, do not hesitate to ask schools whether or not they encourage students to try and fail.

The best classrooms incorporate coding and robotics into different subjects.

Many teachers, classrooms and schools have the idea that coding and robotics tools are only meant to be used in STEM programs, in computer science classes or by education tech specialists. Both robotics and coding can add a number of different applications to nearly any subject. For example, students can use robots in upper grades in mathematics classes to code the difference between a perimeter and an area.

Robotics and coding also teach students crucial communication skills, how to think critically and how to work in a team. Partner and group activities can sometimes create tension in students, but most students are excited to learn from each other and work through struggles together when they are coding and using robotics.

 Summing up, the best classrooms use coding and robotics tools that are easy and quick to implement. Look for secondary school or classrooms that use coding and robotics products or tools that are quick and easy to implement in the classroom.

While teachers at good schools will take the extra time and effort to teach the kids how to code their robots, you can also encourage them to use readily-available and easy-to-use tools. Teachers should encourage innovative coding and robotics solutions since there is a lot that students can learn through the process of exploration, identification of errors, and solution-oriented approaches.

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