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What is the current condition of your doors? Well, to you, these may be nothing more than just mere doors for keeping unauthorized people out. However, doors, whether for your home or business premises, play an important role than just keeping unauthorized people out. For instance, did you know that restoring the appeal of your door can increase the value of your home/premises by approximately 85%? And good doors do more than increase the value; they also help to keep your assets safe. More so, fire doors increase your safety during fire emergencies.

However, for a door to provide all the above benefits, it has to be in good condition. This is why it is highly recommended to regularly check your doors and ensure that they are still in good shape. Then, if the doors are lacking in any way, you should replace them immediately, preferably with a fire door. So, what should you look out for when examining your doors? 

seven signs that usually indicate the need to replace your doors

1. Failure to Perform the Basic Functionality

A door has one essential function: to close and open smoothly. Therefore, if the door no longer opens or closes in the way it is supposed to, this could indicate the need to replace it. A new fire door will ensure good functionality and increase the safety of your home or business premises. You could indeed have the door repaired. However, the best option would be to invest in a new fire door. After all, repairing a door with failed functionality does not guarantee that the problem will be permanently solved.

2. The Old Door Lets in Cold Air

Old doors tend to let in cold air, hence becoming less energy efficient with time. In turn, their low energy efficiency results in increased energy costs, which tend to eat a lot on your income. Therefore, to save on your income, you must replace your doors immediately after noticing that the old ones let in cold air. New doors are usually well-insulated, such that they reduce the overall energy costs and keep each person warm and happy. More so, unlike the older doors, newer models can withstand harsh weather conditions much better. 

3. The Door Operates Too Slowly or Too Quickly

Doors that close or open at very high speeds are dangerous to people who use them. High-speed doors don’t even operate at such high speeds. On the other hand, doors that respond to a button push too slowly can be very frustrating. A good door is that which responds to set commands within a reasonable amount of time. In other words, your doors should open and close within seconds after the opener has been pressed. More so, they should operate smoothly without causing any hitching or delays. Therefore, if one or more of your doors operate at very high or very slow speeds, you need to get them replaced. Replacing the doors will ensure that they open and close in the right way and keep everyone safe.

4. It Has a Noisy Operation

Doors are supposed to operate quietly. Otherwise, doors that produce noises, such as banging, grating, squeaking or grinding, can prove to be very annoying and distracting for others. More so, doors that operate noisily are a sign of disrepair. They usually indicate severe issues with the door springs or open backers.While repairing the noisy door can sometimes solve the problem, it could be too damaged such that it calls for the installation of a new fire door.

5. The door has a Poor, Unattractive Appearance

You most probably have heard of the phrase ‘substance overvalue.’ And it is undeniable that the value and functionality of an item are more important than the outward appearance. Yet, this doesn’t mean that you should completely disregard the style and appearance of your doors. 

Your doors should be able to provide a good first impression of your home or business premises. Therefore, if your doors have started fading or no longer offer the attractive appeal that they used to, it is high time you replaced them. More so, your doors should look strong and sturdy, such that opportunist thieves do not find them an easy target. 

6. It Has Sagging Sections

Say you are closing or opening a door, then leave it midway. The door should not continue rising or falling. And if it does, this indicates something wrong with the door’s key components, such as the tension spring. When the door’s key components are ruined, it is vital that the door gets replaced as soon as possible. 

Also, it is highly recommended that you check the balance of your doors at least twice per year. A door with a poor balance usually indicates a significant disconnection between the manual operation and the door. In such a case, the best decision would be to invest in a new and more reliable fire door.

7. The Door is Shaky or Unstable

When you close your doors, do either of these shakes shudder or jerk? If so, you need to get the doors replaced. Most of the time, the shaky doors usually result from screws and hinges that have either come off or become damaged. Also, it would be best if you looked out for doors whose rollers have come off the track. Such unstable doors can create hazardous situations for family members or workers. Therefore, if any of your doors begin to fall or come off the rails, ensure that you get them replaced as soon as possible.


Purchasing and installing doors are among the most significant investments you can ever make. Therefore, all your doors must operate efficiently. And the best way to ensure this would be to replace your old doors with new ones. Fire doors are ranked as the best choice of doors. Not only are these doors sturdy and highly durable, but they are also fire-resistant and highly energy efficient. Therefore, whenever you are considering replacing your doors, fire doors should always be at the top of your list!


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