Simple iPad Repair Tips to Follow If It Tends to Become Too Hot

Simple iPad Repair Tips

Though the iPad is very well put together, many users often complain that it tends to get too hot at times. Now, it is not likely to get hot unless there is something wrong with the iPad. However, just in case your device starts getting unbearably hot, here are some smart tips to set things right. If the following don’t work or you are not too sure of tackling the problem on your own, do visit a reliable iPad repair service centre.

Stop background refresh of apps

The iPad is designed to refresh all of your apps in the background so that the next time you turn it on, the apps will be ready for you to use. What that means is, if you have closed an app, the same continues to run in the background, albeit in an extremely limited scope, so that the next time you need the same, it starts quickly.

However, it being processor intensive, some heat gets produced. So, one way to stop your iPad from getting hot is to stop the background refresh process.

Here is how you can do it.

  1. Go to Settings>General.
  2. Go to Background App Refresh
  3. Set the Background App Refresh to the ‘off‘ position.

In fact, here, you will get a complete list of all the apps that are refreshing in the background. You can selectively choose the apps that you wish to stop refreshing in the background. Yet another option is to turn off all of them using the button at the top.

Remove the case

If you are using a case, removing the same when the iPad has become hot will help in quicker dissipation of heat. In any case, you should consider using a case that aids in heat dissipation and not otherwise. Else, prolonged exposure to accumulated heat can damage the tablet’s internals and you might have to go for an iPad repair job somewhere down the line.

Close unwanted apps

Having a lot of apps open means greater work for the processor to do. Naturally, that can lead to more heat production. The best thing to do in such a scenario is to close all apps to bring the temperature down and to open only those apps that you need henceforth.

Stop charging

Say you have put the iPad on charge, and it has become abnormally hot. If that is the case, stop charging immediately and don’t put it on charge again unless it has cooled down completely. Follow the other steps listed here to ensure that the iPad remains within the recommended thermal limits. Else, you risk degrading the battery as well as other delicate electronic components.

Stop using the iPad

If you notice your iPad is getting too hot, consider scaling down your usage of the tablet if you aren’t able to stop using it altogether. Specifically, stop using those apps that are processor intensive. For instance, if it is a gaming app or any app for doing video or image processing, stop using those unless the iPad has cooled down a bit. Such apps take a heavy toll on the processor, leading to production of heat.

Use proper charging cables

Make sure you are using proper charging accessories for charging your iPad. That includes the right charger as well as the right charging cable. The same should be in perfect working order as well since a cable with the outer protective layer worn off can cause improper charging. The same can be a fire and shock hazard as well and its best to replace them at the earliest.

Don’t put the iPad in the freezer

If your iPad has become hot, follow the procedures listed above to let go of the accumulated heat. Never put it in the freezer thinking that would be the best way to bring down the temperature easily and quickly. You might rake up too many iPad repair bills that way, as exposing a hot iPad to extreme cold suddenly can lead to damaged internals. The display too might shatter from the cold. It is for the same reason you should refrain from holding a hot iPad directly in front of the air conditioner.

Keep it clean

Keep the iPad clean as it tends to accumulate dust and grime over prolonged usage. The same can also contribute to the iPad getting hot as the dust can prevent easy dissipation of heat.

All in all, the above tips should help you deal with an overheated iPad. And if the problem seems more severe or frequent, get in touch with iPad repair experts.

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