[Solved] How to Save Gmail Messages As PDF?

Gmail messages

Are you looking to save Gmail messages as PDFs?

Do you want to take the backup in PDF format?

If such questions are cropping into your mind, then you are on the right platform!!

Gmail is the well-known and most preferred email application amongst people. It has advanced features and is available free of cost with a storage capacity of 15 GB. However, when there is a need to export Gmail messages as PDF format, then there is no inbuilt function.

Top Reasons to Save Gmail messages as PDF format

1. PDF ensures data integrity and can be used for backup. It is easily accessible on desktop, laptop, mobile device, etc.

2. The PDF file can be opened on any operating system like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.

3. It is easily portable on any system and does not get distorted resulting in a change in properties.

4. It can store crucial data and keep them secure with password protection.

5. It can be easily shared over the internet with no need of additional software to support it.

6. Helps users to access emails with internet connection by saving Gmail emails offline

The above mentioned are the requisites that urge to save the Gmail messages into PDF format.

There are two methods to save the Gmail message as PDF. One is the manual method and the other is an automated tool.

Manually Save Emails from Gmail As PDF File

1. Sign in to your Gmail account from where you want to save Gmail message as PDF.

2. Open the email that you want to save as PDF. On the opened email, in the top right you will find three dots. Click on the three dots and choose the ‘Print’ option.

3. In the ‘Print’ window, choose the destination as ‘Save as PDF’ and then click on ‘Save’.

4. Now, choose the desired location where you can save emails from Gmail as PDF and then click on ‘Save’.

That’s all! Now you can access the saved PDF file and send it to anyone over the internet.

Limitations of the manual method

1. It saves a single mail and not multiple emails in one go.

2. To export the multiple emails as PDF, the user has to manually save each email as PDF.

3. It will become a time-consuming process in case the individual mail is exported as a PDF.

Automated Solution to Save Gmail Message as PDF

The automated solution such as Gmail to PDF converter is a fast, reliable, and professional tool. It can be used to save multiple mails as PDF in one go.

The following are the steps involved to save multiple Gmail messages as PDF:

1. Download and launch the converter and enter your Gmail account credentials.

2. Select the E-mail format as ‘PDF’ from the available options.

3. Click on the ‘Browse’ button and choose the destination where you want to save the Gmail messages as PDF format.

4. In the ‘Filters’ tab, select the folders from where you want to save Gmail message as PDF.

5. You may choose the email filter using the date ‘From’ and ‘To’. Then click on ‘Start’ button.

Now, all the emails in the selected folders would get converted into PDF format.

The following are the prominent features of the automated tool:

  • The tool allows converting the multiple email files into PDF format in one go
  • The Gmail emails along with the attachments are converted into PDF format
  • It provides the ‘Delete After Download’ option to delete the emails after taking the backup in the PDF format
  • The emails to be converted in PDF format can be selected using the date filter
  • The tool allows to save unlimited emails in PDF format
  • The data integrity remains intact even after the conversion into PDF format
  • The tool saves the PDF file in the same name as in the subject line of the mail
  • The tool is compatible with the latest Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and other versions

The following are the benefits of the automated tool:

  1. It allows the 100% data integrity of the converted email file as PDF
  2. The bulk emails are converted into PDF in one go
  3. It allows the selection of multiple folders to export the emails as PDF
  4. The conversion takes place without any data loss
  5. The tool effortlessly converts the email file into PDF without taking much time

Final Thoughts

In the above blog, you have learnt about the reasons to save Gmail message as PDF, the manual method, and the automated tool to accomplish the email messages in PDF format. The manual method does not provide the complete results in case of multiple email conversion as PDF. Whereas an automated solution ‘ Gmail Backup Tool’ gives quick, reliable, and complete results with 100% data integrity.

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