Some Common Issues You Can Face With Your Tenants

Issues You Can Face With Your Tenants

Once the lease is signed it is expected of the tenants to adhere to it, however, it’s not always that everyone follows and sticks to the conditions, which can cause various issues and easily turn your tenant keeping experience into a nightmare.

Here we have listed some common issues that you can face with the tenants and an easy way to prevent them!

Common problems

  • A habit of paying rent late

The regular occurrence of paying late rent can become problematic as the tenant becomes habitual towards failing deadlines.

This may be due to lack of funds, one easy way to handle this is accepting payment in two intervals, like you can ask for a weekly pay check or decide on a structure that works well with both parties. This will make the tenant pay on time.

If this is happening due to habit you can add some penalty or warn them that a fine will be added if it continues.

  • Disturbing other people in the neighbourhood

Irrespective of how much screening you do, the way a tenant behaves with people around them or neighbours is not in your control. When tenants start misbehaving with people around it can become a problem for you too. You can start with the warning at first and if the behaviour persists eviction is the only measure you need to go for.

Identifying trouble makers can be difficult but it is better to run a background check and talk to the previous landlord or neighbourhood to get an idea about the person’s behaviour.

  • Property damage

Normal wear and tear occurs when you start living on a property, however, extreme damages can lead to a high repair cost. After estimating damages, you can present the tenant with the cost of these damages or cover the cost with a security deposit.

In case, the tenant refuses to pay you can take this matter to court.

  • Illegal activity of the property

In case you discover the tenant is engaging in illegal activity on your property then raising a voice about that is crucial. If there is any illegal activity going on, you easily stand a chance to be charged for it as well since it is happening on your property.

Take the help of a lawyer or police, and allow them to handle the situation. It is important to run a proper background check of the tenant before signing a deal.

  • Dispute over a security deposit

Security deposit is part of a deal where some amount is kept against the security of any damage caused by the tenant during its stay in the property. This is a refundable deposit that is given back at the time the tenant moves out. However, there is a time when you have to withhold a deposit and the tenant can create an issue over it.

During this time, it is better to have a proper conversation with your tenant and provide them with a list of repairs that they need to cover. You can show them pictures and prove your point. To avoid getting into this situation you can add a moving out clause in the agreement to make the tenant aware of what they can expect in case they breach the agreement or damage anything.

  • Parking problems

The most common issue that occurs is over parking of the vehicle. If the tenant is parking in a non-allotted area instead of where they are supposed to, it can cause a rift with the neighbours. This is where talking about it with the tenants should be your first step. If the situation persists you can impose a fine.

Apart from this you can add the clauses in the agreement and let them know about the parking situation beforehand to avoid any kind of rift in the future.

At ATS Pragya you can expect spacious property with allotted parking space that will ensure luxury living.

The final thoughts

Bad experience with the tenant requires taking proactive measures and in the end when everything fails eviction is the only resort you are left with. For your buying and renting needs you can explore Khyber Range, an ATS property that comes with various amenities which enables luxury living.

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