Some People Can Give Up The Inheritance

Some people can give up the inheritance
Give Up The Inheritance
Some people can give up the inheritance

It does not mean that if you give up inheritance, you will not receive anything. Inheritance abandonment means abandoning inherited property, so if you are a successor or a distinctive item that does not belong to the heritage, you can abandon the statues such as tombs and altars.

In addition, you may receive a death retirement allowance, life insurance, and compensation for damages. Death severance pay is not a legacy because it is paid directly to the bereaved family, not the person himself.
A will has a sound that makes you feel something muddy like a ss3svc64.exe on startup.

Well, if you don’t have enough fortune like your home, you don’t need a will, and in a sense, you might think that it might be more peaceful if you don’t have money. Well, there is no deep meaning to what should be written, just thinking that it should not cause conflict. the Omishima Plant of Hakata Salt Co., Ltd. (Omishimachodai, Imabari City), which is known as a tourist spot of 100,000 people a year, you can observe the salt-making process for free.

Starting in 2000 when the factory was first opened, it has become a tourist spot that is visited by about 100,000 people a year, saying, “I want you to feel the salt that is indispensable to life.” Revived.

In the flow-down salt pans, seawater is poured on a slope and sprayed over a “branch rack” made of woven bamboo twigs to create thick saltwater. Next to the factory, there is a branch rack that is 5.5 meters high, 8 meters wide, and 35 meters long, and was once found all over the islands of Setouchi. “Hakuho no Shio” was born in 1971 from a consumer movement against the national ban on salt farms, so it is said that the revival of the flow-down salt farms was a long-cherished desire.

You can also observe the process of dissolving the sun sea salt of Mexico and Australia in Japanese seawater, boiling it, and letting it air dry. The tour reception is from 9 am to 3:30 pm. For inquiries, please contact the same factory (0897 / 82.0660). [Fumito Tsushima]

Specific content undecided

Great East Japan Earthquake It receives the first nuclear power plant accident in Fukushima by, Akira Chiba president 13 days of Shikoku Electric Power, a nuclear headquarters in the current Takamatsu head office, revealed its intention to transfer to Matsuyama city on the prospect of the end of June this year.

The prefecture has repeatedly requested relocation, and the president visited Governor Tokihiro Nakamura on this day to announce it. The company says that the vice president of the headquarters will be stationed in Matsuyama City and will have 25 assistant staff, but the specific authority and administrative details have not yet been decided.

Governor Nakamura said, “The resident decision-maker can be evaluated as an attitude toward safety, but I would like to keep an eye on future efforts.” [Fumito Tsushima, Shuichi Kadota] The prefecture requested the relocation of its headquarters three times in 2005 when traffic was disrupted by a typhoon, in 2006, when the pre-approval of pull thermal power generation was approved, and during the Great Earthquake. ..

The Nuclear Headquarters has about 500 employees, and the head of the headquarters is Yukito Ishizaki, Vice President. In addition to the general manager, the head office has a total of about 100 employees, including the “Nuclear Power Department”, which serves as a contact point for nuclear power plant operation planning and the government, and the “Nuclear Fuel Department”, which procures uranium fuel.

In Ehime Prefecture, there are the Ikata Nuclear Power Plant itself, the “Nuclear Security Training Center” that trains operators, and the “Ehime Nuclear Power Comprehensive Countermeasures Office” that coordinates communication with local governments, and the total number of staff is 400.

According to the company, even after the relocation of the headquarters, the layout of each department of the head office remains the same. The 25 staff members with general managers will be decided by the end of this month, such as the work content and whether to ask the nuclear power headquarters for the resources of the personnel.

Michio Yamaguchi, the Prefectural Nuclear Safety Measures Promotion Supervisor, said, “Because we are moving as an organization, we want you to have effective functions.” On the other hand, Kazuhiko Yamashita, the mayor of Ikata Town, the hometown of the nuclear power plant, commented, “We hope that the relocation to the prefecture will improve the relief of the anxieties of the citizens of the prefecture and the security and safety of the residents of Ikata.”

Mayor Ichiro Oshiro of Yawatahama City said, “In the unlikely event of a disaster, I would like to welcome you because you can take spearhead command in the prefecture. I strongly request that the headquarters be fully functional.”

session of the “Great East Japan Earthquake Academic Research Team” dispatched from the national university professors of the four prefectures of Ehime Shikoku on the 12th It was the Disaster Countermeasures Office of the Maintenance Bureau.

Each group surveyed in Miyagi and Chiba reported the damage situation and pointed out that it is necessary to review the damage estimation such as tsunami and disaster prevention measures in Shikoku.

The survey called on each university to reflect it in disaster prevention measures against the Tonankai and Nankai earthquakes. Kochi, Tokushima, and Ehime universities visited Sendai, Natori, Ishinomaki, and Onagawa in Miyagi prefecture on the 30th and 2nd, and Kagawa University visited Urayasu and Asahi in Chiba on the 2nd and 3rd.

Kunio Otoshi, a professor of agriculture at Kochi University (disaster prevention engineering), said that the tsunami caused not only push waves but also many buildings to collapse due to pulling waves that were not expected to cause damage. In addition, it is said that there were many cases in which the entire building collapsed even in a building with a construction method called “piling foundation.

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