Some Things To Know About Mechanic in 2020


A mechanic is a professional who builds and repairs machines or engines. They are called mechanic because they understand the mechanism of the machine they are specialized in. Primarily the word mechanic refers to technicians who work on car engines but the mechanic can be specialized with airplanes, vehicles, air condition, industrial machinery, etc. and the list is long. They are not only specialized in specific machinery they are also the master of peripheral tools associated with it.

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Let’s look at the common categories of mechanics.

1. Auto mechanic:

This is the most common type of workers we get to see and avail of their service.  An Auto mechanic is specialized in the auto mechanism as a whole. They not only understand the engine but also they have a fair knowledge of electrical systems too. They also work on hydraulics and small plumbing problems if required. The auto sector consists of a variety of small to large cars including huge commercial vehicles. Each section has a dedicated mechanic who understands the type of vehicles exclusively.

2. Small engine mechanic:

Specialized workers for small engines like a lawnmower, boat engines, jet skis are in high demand as it requires minute precision-based work, and mechanics can work on a wide range of platforms. This kind of worker has the scope of making good earning.

3. Heavy Vehicle Mechanic:

A heavy vehicle like agriculture vehicles, trucks, dumpers, mining vehicles, buses, etc. needs specialized dedicated workers as they require using heavy tools and machinery for the maintenance of the vehicles. They sometime must improvise the repair by making small spare parts themselves with lathe or CNC machine. So, they need to have a wide variety of knowledge to work as a mechanic.

4. Diesel mechanic:

These workers exclusively work with diesel engines but not all workers can work on all engines. Though the mechanism is the same, diesel engines come in various shapes and sizes with various technologies, so each engine is way apart from each other. There are a standalone electric generator, isolated diesel water pumps, car engines, heavy vehicle engines, small equipment engines, and behemoth ship engines. Each engine demands exclusive repair and upkeep as they are different by class and technologies.

5. Refrigeration, Air-conditioning & heating mechanic:

These workers are known as HVAC, they are specialists in heating cooling mechanisms.  If their repair job fails, it can result in servers failing of high-cost machinery and big business failure. So, they need to be trained as a master to take the lead role as a mechanic who understands the pulse and does precise diagnostics to root out the problem and fix it.

6. Aircraft mechanic:

These are highly specialized sectors where the mechanic and technicians are needed to be highly skilled, and they are required to do complete certification diploma courses to get a license for the job. Hundreds of lives depend on the skill of the mechanic who opens the engines for repair because one small mistake may cause fatal disaster.

7. Electrical mechanic:

An electrical worker can work on a range of equipment in both domestic and commercial settings. They have a wide knowledge of electrical equipment and basic electrical mechanism. They are skilled to work on motors, wiring systems, controllers, transformers, etc. They can repair or rebuild an entire electrical system with spare parts. For small domestic jobs, mechanics can learn as an apprentice with the master but for heavy commercial jobs, it requires 3 to 4 years diploma or degree course certification as well as hand-on experience altogether.

They are versatile workers. If they are not confined to a specific skill set, they often require improvising their technique. They have to diagnose a problem irrespective of equipment and work on them, so they are highly adaptive too by their knowledge. Mechanics are the lifeline mechanism, hence mechanics are an important part of the maintenance of machinery.

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