Swimming Pool Equipment List That is Essential for you

Swimming Pool Equipment List
swimming pool equipment

  When owning a pool, there are a ton of things that you can add to it. Whether to improve safety, make cleaning it easier, or just adding new cool and aesthetic accessories, there are a lot of things that you can add. And that’s why we are going to try and simplify them and put them in separate categories, so you know whether it’s a luxury or a necessity. So if you are a beginner at renovating, this article will help you.

Safety Gear

If you have young kids, pets, or animals around your neighbourhood, you will inevitably face the issue of living things going into it. Consider safety covers if you are worried about these issues. They have spring straps especially made so that children and small animals don’t fall in. As for preventing accidents, having ladders & rails lowers the likelihood of slipping on the wet floor around the pool.

Cleaning Tools for Maintenance

There are a lot of cleaning tools available. Although, for a good chunk of them you can find an alternative, so here are some of the most essential tools for maintaining your pool:

1) Telescopic Poles

A almost universal tool for pools. A kind of equipment that can shrink or grow in size for maximum flexibility made for most notably skimming and brushing the pool. Choose one accordingly to the size of your swimming pool.

2) Skimmer Nets

Attachments for telescopic poles used primarily for getting leaves & insects out of the pool.

3) Vacuum Heads

The primary tool for cleaning the pool floor (Think of them as more effective pool brushes). A Vacuum hose is necessary to be bought along with the vacuum head. You can also go with the automatic cleaner that does have its merits. But keep in mind that it will not be able to clean the hard-to-reach spots, and it is especially problematic if you have a multi-level pool. After all, it can’t climb stairs by itself.

4) Filters

Used with a pump for circulating the water using the filter to get out the small things in the pool as well as preventing the growth of algae and bacteria.

5) Pool levellers

A handy tool used to measure the water level. Although not at the top of necessities for the pool maintenance, it helps. No matter how careful you are, you will always lose a lot of water due to splashing, leaky pipes, or evaporation. The pool leveller comes in handy here so that you can always keep an eye on the current level of the water.

6) Pool Covers

We have previously mentioned the importance of covers for safety, but that’s just one of its purposes. It also reduces the amount of cleaning needed possibly by an outstanding 70%! Not to mention that getting a solar blanket is also eco-friendly.

Storage is important. If you don’t have a place in which to keep the equipment to prevent it from getting dirty, get a few pool pole hangers or even keep them in your garage. As long as it is away from children and animals.


Some of the chemicals necessary for upkeep are chlorine, calcium hypochlorite (if your pool starts to smell, you’re gonna want this one), algaecide, and keeping track of the PH and alkalinity levels.

Can I Clean and Make my Pool?

Can I clean it myself? Of course, you can! Maintaining a pool is hard work, but it’s manageable, you just need to do your research, and you’ll be fine. However, unlike maintaining a pool, pool renovation and landscaping is a whole other story. For this, you need the aid of professionals for many reasons. Contrary to what one might think, doing it yourself is more expensive in the long run. When you pour in the hard labour needed to make your pool, it might be praise-worthy to say you did it by yourself. But was it worth the larger price, time invested, and many tedious law issues you could run into?

Luxury Items

A few items that can bring life to your pool whilst also making it easier for maintenance are:

1) The automatic pool cleaner has its flaws but remains a good pick-up.

2) Night lights for the beautiful sight of a pool at night.

3) Floating water-proof Bluetooth speakers that liven the experience.

4) Floats, usually the most accessible decoration item. It’s also one of the best relaxation enhancement items one could get for a pool.

There will be people who will try to sell you items that you do not need. Be smart and cautious of someone trying to sell you an automatic pool cleaner and claiming how it is of critical importance to the pool.

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