The Best Window Treatment Options for A Living Room

Window Treatment

The living room is the first place someone sees as soon as they come into your home. This is where you entertain your guests and spend quality time with your loved ones. Therefore, you need to pay special attention while choosing the window treatment for the living room, ensuring it reflects your personality and stays functional.

Roman shades, cellular shades, drapery, blinds, and shutters in Agoura Hills in Calabasas are some selected window treatment options that beautify your window and enhance your living room’s aesthetic appeal.

Roman shades

The modern roman shades are the next level of window treatment styles that add value to the living room and boost your living room’s aesthetic appearance. Roman shades are available with rolling and stacking options. Rolling style roman shades have no internal lift cords, and the fabric shades roll into the headrail for uninterrupted views. The stacking style does not expose the cords, which makes it safe to use. 

Roman shades are considered great for privacy. They are made from various materials that stack when raised. Even by partially lowering the roman shades, you will have the style and pattern visible while the rest of the window is open to let in natural light.  

Window Treatment

Vertical blinds

If you are looking for window treatments for the wider window, ensuring privacy and light control, then vertical blinds might be the right fit for your living room. Vertical blinds also make your ceilings look higher, can be partially opened to enable natural light to come in and capture a full outside view. If you have a sliding patio door, vertical blinds work best. They can be opened easily to allow you to walk in and out comfortably. In case they are damaged, they are easy to replace. You simply have to replace the damaged blind panel, instead of removing the whole blinds. 


Interior shutters are a better window treatment option than the exterior shutters for the living room. They are timeless and classic window treatment options available. Plantation shutters or interior shutters are gaining popularity because of their durability and style. Homeowners see plantation shutters as a long-term investment by replacing the traditional curtains and blinds. It is characterized by the tilted wooden louvers that are similar to the slats on blinds.

Shutters can be fitted to the window frame and can be opened outside like doors. There are made from a range of materials like MDF and vinyl. Many people also prefer the plantation shutters made from the teak. Plantation shutters are pre-hanged with magnet plates in position, so you can easily install and remove them whenever you want. Also, plantation shutters are very low maintenance and can be used for years. When closed properly, they give you a sense of privacy, reducing noise and blocking the outside light.  

Cellular shades

are the perfect choice for the living room because of its crisp and clean appearance. Its horizontal pleats look elegant as they gently filter incoming light to give a warm glow, which almost disappears when pleats are closed. Cellular shades are the best choice for adaptability to any décor, making the living room look more beautiful.


The blend of function and style makes drapery ideal for the living room. You can play with the colors and pattern combinations to create a unique look to any window. Draperies can be paired with other window treatment types like roman shades, cellular shades, faux-wood blinds, etc. Draperies also work as a temperature barrier, preventing the living room warmth from going out through the windows. If chosen and paired wisely, they can turn your casual living room into a modern or more urbane living room. Draperies give soft, casual, and airy touch to your living room windows. So, don’t let your living room space go waste, especially when you have a plethora of ways to decorate it.


Window treatments play a significant role in any part of the home, especially the living room. Besides beautifying your window and adding elegance to your living room, they serve their primary functions like control lights and noise reduction. 

With a plethora of options available, select a few options and narrow down the choices to what will serve you best. If you have no idea how to choose and install the window treatment at your place, better you get in touch with the professional interior design team, having long experience in installing all types of window treatments like blinds and shutters near your location

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