The Climate of India: An Introduction, Seasons, Climatic Forecasts

Climate of India

Climate Conditions of India

India Climatic Regions

India is a unique country because here you can enjoy each season. It is not like some other countries. In most countries, you hear about the same temperature throughout the year but India is a country with multiple climatic conditions. 

It is united by the mixing of various climates. How much would it be boring if there would be only one season throughout the year? Wouldn’t it be? It would become a visited place and people would not like to live in. 

Indians are lucky because they have a vision of multiple seasons. Indians can enjoy multiple seasons with the interval of time. Wherever you will go to India you will find varying climates like in Kashmir you can never enjoy the summer season

So it is India where you can enjoy all seasons if you are living here. If someone does not live here then they should visit different places at a different time according to its famous seasons. 

To get the list of visiting India according to its famous season you should search it on google because some places look beautiful in summer or some in winter, etc.

Read the whole article throughout to know the different seasons of India with its characteristics. You will also get here the list of current climate conditions of Indian states.  Stay in India and experience the multiple seasons. 

Climate Forecasts

The word forecast is similar to the word prediction because the term is showing the prediction of climate. What is going to happen and what is happening in the climate, these all we get from the weather forecasts. 

Indian must make their program or trip based on the climate forecasts owing to multiple seasons. Do you know what affects most the climate? Air Pollution is responsible for sudden climatic changes. 

Have you ever thought about the multiple seasons of India?

As we know that India is surrounded and occupied by many things like mountains, forests, rivers, etc. So these things affect the Indian Climates. Look at the below-mentioned factors by which Indian Climates get affected. 

  1. Mountains like Himalaya
  2. Owing to Latitude and Altitude
  3. It has surface distance from the Sea
  4. Distribution of water and land
  5. Forests

Two Popular Seasons of India with its Characteristics

Seasons in India
  1. Winter Season ( Jan – Mar)

From the beginning of the month, December winter enters in India. But the winter season in India is considered from January to March month. Let us see the characteristics of the winter season in the below table: 

LocationAverage temperature
North- West10 – 25 degrees Centigrade
South- East20- 25 degrees Centigrade
  • The lowest temperature that has touched the bottom by 0.6 °C in Jammu and Kashmir
  • As much you will come close to the equator there will be rising of temperature
  1. The summer season in India (April to July)

Summer enters in April on the north-west side but in the other parts, it enters in march. See the following characteristics of the summer season in the table given below.

North- WestApril – July
Other partsMarch – June
  • The hottest month of the summer season on the west side of India is in May.
  • In the coastal areas, you can experience a warm temperature at 36 °C and the maximum temperature can be 50 °C
  • In July ITCZ ( intertropical convergence zone), there can be experienced low pressure in the country.
  • In summer we hear the term loo that is hot winds which blow during mid-afternoons.
  • In the states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu, their monsoon comes earlier than other states of the country.

After the summer season, there would come monsoon season and after that, you can experience the post-monsoon season.

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