The Complete Guide For Buying New Or Used Spare Parts Online

auto spare parts online
auto spare parts online

No matter how many years your car serves you, its parts do give up naturally at some point. Getting the faulty components diagnosed and replaced by motor shops can be an expensive and tiresome task. So, you will be wondering where you should buy spare car parts. Whether you want a new one or a used spare part, online trade would be an ideal option, especially in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Are we on the same page? If yes, then let us tell you something: Everything has its pros and cons. The con (or say challenge) of online trading is many companies claim to have the best spare parts for every car (which isn’t true), or some are fake companies. Hence, you should be aware of such fraudulent sellers in the market.

Here is good news for you. We have brought a complete guide for buying new or used spare parts online. We would include steps for purchasing new or used components online, parts to avoid buying online, and tips to replace spare parts yourself. If you want to buy car parts with just a single click, then do read the whole blog.

Steps for buying new or used spare parts online:

1. Identify the required spare part:

As soon as you come to know the components are faulty, check the make and model of your car. There could be several versions of the four-wheeler; similarly, the spare parts could vary. So, follow the below given simple two ways to know the correct spare part of your car.

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): Though it specifically relates to the car, you can use it to check the right code of the specific part. You can find this VIN in the manufacturer’s manual.
  • Part’s Manufacturer Code: In most of cases, manufacturers write the code of the specific component on it. Well, the outside spare part of your car (especially underneath ones) could be dirty and full of mud, so you can clean it and check the manufacturer’s code.

2. Research the market thoroughly:

Whether you want to purchase a new spare part or a used one, researching the market is a must. You cannot just blindly check it online and click to buy the same. You must know the ins-and-outs of the seller with their credentials as there are tonnes of phishers out there trying to trick you.

When buying online, it’s complex to recognise the genuine sellers from the fake ones. So, purchase products from user-friendly websites that save time, but make sure the company is reputed one. There are numerous websites like Pull-A-Part,, etc., which do a great job by supplying used car components. You can visit their website and check whether or not the required spare part is available.

Remember one thing: A genuine seller never asks for your details on their website until you place an order. Still, if you’ve caught in a confusion net, then take the helping hand of your friends, colleagues, or relatives. Consider reading customer reviews, contact other buyers, ask for feedback, etc. Remember, word of mouth still works!

3. Lock for the best price:

You’re heading towards buying a car spare part, but unaware of its price. If that is the case, then compare prices online on websites such as Amazon. Even better, Google the spare part name along with its code, and check prices quoted on various websites on one page itself. However, never get hooked on a deal instantly, whatever may be the case.

Many customers settle for the first option that they see, but there could be possibilities that the next options are better in all aspects. So, make the ultimate rule of comparing prices, weighing all your criteria.

Additionally, many buyers have a misunderstanding of negligibly charging high delivery charges. But the fact is car components are heavy and needs to deliver cautiously, for that packaging is vital. So, always be prepared to shell out such extra charges.

4. Verify for guarantees and warranties:

While purchasing a spare part online, regardless of new or used choices, you should check the guarantee and warranty options. These things work as insurance of the product bought.

Many sellers do not provide a guarantee and warranty for second-hand parts. Some render a month guarantee on any spare. However, with the most expensive replacement component, you must look for this policy for better assurance. Try to close the deal with that manufacturer who provides a guarantee period of at least up to six months.

Never buy any product that doesn’t come with a warranty because you can’t replace it if the product comes with some defect. Therefore, while doing online shopping, check the company’s return policy. You can ask for suggestions from your mechanic which including in their roles And responsibilities of mechanics.

5. Check for tracking option:

Although many buyers do not find it significant, checking the tracking option is a vital part of online shopping. While dealing with online sellers, you need to bear in mind the distance between the vendor’s warehouse and your home.

Check the shipping procedure of the website with its overall costs, regardless of the online store. Keeping an eye on the tracking system will let you know when the booked product will be at your home.

Sometimes, you could face delayed product delivery due to uncertain circumstances like snow or rain. So, prepare yourself for such delays during these types of climate.

Decision: Best of both worlds!

If you are still in a dilemma for online purchasing, then we have a way out. You can take advantage of online shopping, and at the same time, pick your spare part from the physical store.

So, the suggestion is to pick a company (of course that’s reputed) that has an online shopping option and also has a physical store around your place. In this scenario, you will get the benefits of comparison shopping. All you need to do is order online after doing proper research and go to pick the component at the closest store to you.

This way, you can also return the spare part in the store (if needed) and physically inspect it before buying it.

The above was a step-to-step guide to buying new or used spare parts online. Wait…wait! We forgot something to tell you, and that’s very important. There are some parts which are better if you purchase new. The below four can wear out over time and become less effective. So, keep these four out of your second-hand list:

New Spare Parts Online

Which spare parts shouldn’t be purchased second-hand?

  • Brake plates: With time and friction applied by callipers to the brake plates, it is going to wear out. Hence, you should always invest in new brake plates.
  • Wiper blades: It gets clogged with grime and dirt over time and has no other option rather than replacing it with a new part. You cannot clean them properly, and the build-up of dust will affect your car performance:
  • Exhaust systems: The chances of holes, cracks, and fissures in exhaust systems increase over time. Therefore, you cannot rely on the second-hand part.
  • Oil filter: The car’s lifeline is the oil in the engine, and cheap oil can damage its workings. Plus, the oil filter has a limited lifespan, so the effectiveness of the second-hand oil filter will be less.

Here, it was the word of caution for you. To further save money on mechanics fees for replacing the spare part, you can change out several components on your own. We’ve also listed some useful tips which will help you in this process.

Handy tips for replacing some car parts yourself:

  • User’s manual: There comes an extensive range of literature that renders you tips and tricks on how to change the spare parts of your car. Nowadays, YouTube videos are increasingly popular to aid people who want to replace car parts themselves.
  • Professional consultation: Asking a friend who is in the automotive field can make your replacement job easier. They should be able to offer you help by telling you the difficulty of the task and the technical ability you need to complete the job.
  • Web forums: No automotive professional is your friend? Don’t worry; web forums run by mechanics will aid you. There, you can post your questions related to your issues, and people will reply to it. But, make sure that you cross-check their answers with other internet forums rather than saying a useful reply.
  • Ask for help: Whenever you step ahead to change any parts of your car, take the help of someone. We would recommend you to not jump into it alone. If anything goes wrong, another person will be there to lay its helping hand. It will be helpful in situations where you’re replacing larger car components.
  • The correct equipment: Well, this is the most vital part of replacing any car component. Don’t rely on wood stacks or bricks when working under the car; a small move can injure you. Instead of that, keep good quality jacks, props, and ramps.
  • Enough space: The last thing to make sure is you need to have adequate space to replace your car’s components. A flat and dry area around your four-wheeler will not interrupt your task. Additionally, keep your pets and kids away from the place where you’re working and avoid working during rain.


Whenever a car breaks down due to any faulty component, the challenging time starts from there. From researching the fault of buying online (regardless of new or used) to the spare parts, you should avoid buying second-hand to handy tips for replacing parts yourself; this blog has covered it all.

But your tough time doesn’t end here. It will continue going on if you won’t keep your car in good condition. For that, keep reading the blog 5 car maintenance tips; it will save you from long-term perils.

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