The Extensive Need And Use Of Self Adhesive Rubber

Self Adhesive Rubber

Self-adhesive rubber tapes are stretchable tapes that can be used to wrap the cables and electrical joints. These tapes are waterproof and they can create an insulating later over the electrical wires. You can find some other variations made from polymer and fibers, but these tapes can get affected by sun’s heat and water. It feels soft and carries low tear resistance.  You can use them to wrap cables, electrical joints, pipes, hoses, and wherever you want.   As they are self-fusing and carry strong adhesive properties, they are also referred to as magic tape and fix-it tape.

Self Adhesive Rubber
Adhesive Rubber

Properties Of Self-Adhesive Rubber

These self-adhesive strips are widely used because of their properties. The most common application is sealing any leakage and control airflows, insulation, and shock absorption. Although the self-adhesive rubber sheets are made of different materials, they carry similar properties that make them waterproof and sustainable. It is easy to work with them, and they can withstand temperatures from -20 ° C to +95 ° C. The tape is wrapped while stretched and can expand without any extra tension. Sometimes, the iron-oxide additive may be added to enhance the thermal conductivity of the tape.

  • As they are resistant to heat, sunlight, and weather, they find extensive use in the industry.  You will find them extensively used in aviation and aerospace wiring applications because of their non-flammable properties. It is also used to make emergency repairs for any leakage in low-pressure hoses and pipes.
  • Rubber is used in every grade, and the most common rubber grades are Neoprene, EPDM, NBR, and SBR. There are different kinds of cellular rubber and sponge rubber grades available. These self-adhesive rubber strips can be applied in the entire industry and are resistant to chemicals and seawater.

 The self-adhesive rubber pads are supplied in rolls, and they are clean, and easy to use. There are different kinds of self-adhesive rubbers, such as neoprene and ethylene propylene. These have similar uses and properties but may vary in their strength and moisture resistance. Those with higher moisture resistance are primarily used in insulating joints, splices, and connections that are prone to moisture exposure. For example, some splices in electrical cables bear high voltages and need protection from moisture. Neoprene self-adhesive rubber tapes can be used in this regard.

Uses And Applications Of Self-Adhesive Rubbers As Follows:

  • The self-adhesive rubbers are also used as rubber bumper and come in different packs of cylindrical, hemispherical, square, and conical for use on many different applications. As there are different sizes of bumpers available, one is sure to find the right size and shape for their application.
  • The non-skid self-adhesive rubbers can also be used as sound dampeners for cabinet doors, and thus you need not deal with those annoying sounds every time while you open or close them.
  • Another good use of these self-adhesive tapes is work as pads for drawers & picture frames, spacers for electronics and coasters, furniture, and many more.
  • You can use them on hardwood floors to keep them safe from scratching and make them slip-resistant. Many of those products are specifically designed floors to keep them free from damage or scratches.
  • You can use the self-adhesive rubbers as a seal around windows and doors to keep out smoke or pollution. Use them in boat, motor car, and the truck trailer for sound damping and you can also apply them in your shoes and yacht decks to make them slip-resistant.

 The self-adhesive rubbers are available in different sizes, shapes, and colours to meet the varying needs of the customer. As they are easy to put on and peel off, they make for a non-staining and non-skidding surface. Use them to add resistance to abrasion vibration and shock dampening.

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