The Most Popular iPhone Apps In 2020

iPhone Apps


With millions of iPhone apps available for use in 2020 which ones are actually popular amongst users across the world? With the world going through a phase where people are confined in their homes and the only connection with the outside world is through the internet and mobile apps. 

According to many app development companies in California this pandemic may be the best time to understand for app developers about what their users want from a mobile app. When you specifically talk about iPhone users then you need to comprehend the fact that there are many mobile apps that are available for both androids and iOS systems. 

So there are 5 mobile apps that are making amazing progress and their number of users is increasing day by day in 2020. The pandemic is more of a blessing in disguise for these 5 mobile apps. Without further wait let’s move onto these 6 amazing mobile apps that are in high demand across the world this year. 


One of the most entertaining social media mobile apps of all time is still one of the most used mobile apps in 2020. With the pandemic making it difficult for people to sit back at home and people wanting entertainment and some sort of connection to the outside world then this mobile app provides the best way out. With a collection of billions of videos relating to every imaginable topic on the planet, this youtube app is by far the most used social media app in this year. It is safe to say that people are actually using this app more in this pandemic than they have ever before.


With being stuck at home and going through the difficult lockdown phases in different countries across the globe, people are desperately looking for a way to entertain themselves and this is where the Netflix app comes in handy. By allowing people to watch their favorite shows whenever they want, this mobile app has helped a lot of users stay sane in this insane COVID-19 environment.


This mobile app is one of the most popular apps in the world. It was never this popular before 2020 and now suddenly when the world is forced to stay indoors, this mobile app is the solution to many problems such as online classes throughout the world and business conferences and meetings. Zoom app is the emerging winner globally in this year. While many companies and business organizations have gone out of business, Zoom is one of the very few mobile apps that has shown exponential growth in these couple of months. There is hardly a business organization or a household that is not using this mobile app in this pandemic situation that we are faced with.

PubG Mobile:

Ok so, this mobile app or should I say mobile game is also one of the most entertaining apps of this Era. Especially in the times when you are stuck back at home and are looking to have some multiplayer fun then this is it for you. Players all over the world have started spending more time playing this amazing battle royale game since the pandemic hit our world.

Facebook Messenger:

The world needs to stay in contact with loved ones and friends, now more than ever therefore this amazing mobile app is the key to finishing distances across the world. With its amazing and exciting features not only does this messenger app allows users to chat with each other but also allows making audio and video calls as well. This mobile app is now one of the most widely used mobile apps of this time.  

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