The Ultimate Guide To Planning Your Dream Backyard

Dream Backyard

Having a dream backyard comes with many investments. From setting time apart to deal with all the planning to paying the contractor to execute your plan – you need to prepare for weeks of construction works and mess. If you’ve wanted to have your dream backyard, but don’t know where to start with the planning, we’re here to offer a helping hand. Check out some of the crucial steps you need to take in order to get the dream backyard you’ve envisioned.

Know the size and layout of the backyard well

Do you want a spacious swimming pool, with pool lounges and a pergola to offer you enough shade? Then on the other side, you may have imagined a playground for the kids and a little barbeque area for when your friends gather during summer nights. That all sounds dreamy, but only if you can fit everything in your backyard. That’s why you need to make sure you know exactly how big your backyard is. Do all the necessary measurements before you call the contractor to come and plan the layout for everything that you want to fit in the yard.

Plan for flowers

Every backyard needs decoration, and there’s not a more beautiful decoration than a natural one. So, you should consider all the points where you want to plant flowers, trees and shrubbery. Also, make sure you know whether you want to decorate the backyard with plants that will create beautiful scenery or those that will spread lovely aromas around the outdoors. For instance, growing plants can be used to create implied barriers, blocking access, but allowing you to still have a great view. Consider the vertical plane and think about how closely spaced or far apart plants should be. If you want plants of different heights, make sure you put larger plants behind smaller plants for the best display.

Set up a relaxation area

A little relaxation area is a crown jewel of every backyard. A place to sit and unwind during hot summer days and calming nights when you have your friends and family around will be a perfect way to bond and relax together. So, think about including patio furniture, lounges, a swing and a coffee table to bring the entire area together. Throw a parasol to the mix to have some nice shade too.

Get rid of all the rubbish

Remodelling a backyard will include plenty of digging, planting, and transforming, which will all come with plenty of rubbish and clutter. To avoid ruining the entire landscape even during the remodelling, look for reliable skip bins hire in your area and have professionals take care of all the rubbish quickly and without much hassle. You’ll need all the free space to handle planting the flowers, setting up your patio and every other aspect of the remodelling. 

Connect all the areas

If you’ll have a pool, a patio and a seating area, then you need a pathway to link all of them together. Your garden zones need to be linked, but you also need to make sure that they’re all united with the indoors too. To make your backyard visually appealing, create a pathway from the house door to the closest area and then link that area to all the other zones. Plant flowers along the pathways, and add even more colour to your new backyard. 

Add privacy to your backyard

Have you ever thought about introducing a pergola to your backyard? How about using different screens or large plants, such as clumping bamboo to conceal your backyard from the peeping eyes of the neighbors and passers-by? Wind-rated cantilever umbrellas and retractable outdoor awnings can also offer enough shade and privacy while adding some class. They provide shade and protection from wind and rain and have the ability to compliment your landscape design and furnishings. Alternatively, you can use large pots filled with palms to increase the level of privacy in your yard and have enough shade around the seating areas. Consider building a hedge or installing outdoor blinds specially designed for external areas to make your yard as private as possible.

Final thoughts

Planning your dream backyard comes with many challenges, but once you’re done, you’re gonna have the best place to unwind and enjoy the fresh air. Just follow our tips, and you’ll have no trouble coming up with the best backyard layout for your home.

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