Things You Didn’t Know About The COVID-19 Mutation

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What started as a mysterious disease is now known as COVID-19.  Not later, after the disease was reported to the World Health Organization, the disease led to a public health emergency and, later on, was declared a pandemic.

It started as a hot topic worldwide, not knowing it will soon bring unprecedented changes in everyone’s lifestyle and living. The novel coronavirus, which began in Wuhan, China, has spread to touch every corner of the globe, with millions of people worldwide infected and currently hospitalized.

However, others were not so fortunate to stay and be treated at a hospital as they have died battling the disease. In truth, millions who fall sick with COVID-19 have died.

The global risk of spread and impact prompted various states and country leaders to implement safety measures and protocols to mitigate its spread within their borders, protecting all their subjects.

There are many ways that the coronavirus can transmit from one person to another, and the most common is direct or close contact with infected people through respiratory secretions and saliva. Also with respiratory droplets expelled when an infected person coughs, sneezes, talks, or even sings.

The virus can even live on surfaces for a considerable amount of time. Hence, one can never be too careful when touching objects and surfaces outside of their home.

Various counties worldwide implemented lockdowns and quarantine protocols in an effort to bring the virus spread under control. As much as it may have appalled people, they have no choice but to follow; otherwise, they will face the consequences and, worse, fall to the virus’ grip.

Following the lockdown and local quarantine, many firms and businesses decided to halt their operations and resume when it is safe to do so, while others closed their doors for good as they have suffered significant loss leading to bankruptcy.

Consequently, many people have lost their jobs and are currently indoors, awaiting when they will be called back to report for work.

Not to mention the risk of continuing business operations amidst the coronavirus pandemic is too high to overlook. Fortunately, personal protective equipment and kits are essential for promoting safety for everyone, and compared to the several months since the coronavirus pandemic; the world is slowly standing back up.

Various businesses are currently armed with safety measures and various protocols as they resume operations amidst the pandemic. The number of infected cases has significantly lowered, with some states declared as COVID free.

However, as everything seems to end on a positive note, with many people believing that there is only a matter of time before the virus is gone for good, the virus now has a newer mutation that is very alarming. It can spread at a faster-growing ratio, as indicated by recent surveys and research.

While many are afraid of the coronavirus as it entails various uncertainties, this upgraded version of the virus is another significant problem for different regions worldwide.

Ironically though, as the coronavirus altered many things and aspects of people’s lives, it also is continually changing. Such changes have something to do with genetics code, creating a new way of affecting its host and looks.

Simply put, the COVID-19 mutation is a genealogical disorder, making it easier for the virus to transfer from person-to-person. Hence, it might be an excellent idea to get a fit to fly covid test.

Getting tested for COVID-19 mutation provides better chances of taking steps to protect oneself from it. Moreover, there is a high chance that in acquiring this mutation, it can be passed down through several generations.

As such, choosing to get tested for the new mutation means not only protecting yourself but your family and children as well. The possibility of kids being carriers of the COVID-19 mutation cannot only be overlooked.

Moreover, as the COVID-19 mutation can move quickly through the body, it is imperative to take steps in preventing it should you catch the virus as early as possible.

With innovations and technological research, various options and tests to get yourself tested are available, with the DNA test being the most popular one. Better yet, get a fit to fly certificate that will let you enjoy the benefits of traveling freely while taking necessary precautionary steps to stay safe.

Read more information about the COVID-19 mutation here in this infographic made by Harley Medic International.

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