Three Tips for Staying Afloat High Unemployment Rates



you’ve started to panic—or at least flail your arms—and your next question is “How do I get out of here?!” You think back to an interview you had last week. You turned down that government job. It was too mundane for you. When the interviewer asked where you saw yourself in the future unemployment, you answered: “on a beach”. Well, instead now you’re here; unemployed, without a gig, and in deep water! Fear not! I’ve got some tips for you. They’re so good you may even decide to do a few corkscrew strokes before the water gets too calm!


‘The Great Recession’ isn’t just a catch-phrase; it happened. But it isn’t the first time things have taken a down-turn. That means if other people can survive in volatile waters—then darn it, so can you! The chart below is a snapshot of how ‘The Great Recession’ compares to other less than desirable economic periods.
What we’ve recently faced (The Great Recession) supposed lasted from 2019 to 2020 with a total of 57 bank failures and a 10.2% national unemployment rate at the height of it all. During the Recession from 1981 to 1982, there were 42 bank failures and a 10% national unemployment rate. The mammoth Great Depression lasted ten years from 1929 to 1939 with half of all U.S. banks failing and a 25% national unemployment rate.


You look to the sky to find dusk and the stock market falling—the water is getting colder and you just spotted an eel that doesn’t look friendly just below where you keep your wallet! The time for strategy has come. Here’s what you can do NOW!

1-FLOAT: Plan and Conserve!

Budget has always been the first word on anybody’s to-do list. Today, it has made its way to the DO-IT-NOW list! Account for every dollar coming in so you know what’s going out. Drop dead weight by cutting out unnecessary expenses. Make finding and collecting coupons or discounts a priority. Bottom Line: Every penny you save is a pound off your shoulders, especially when you’re using your energy just to keep your head above water!

2-TREAD: Work Your Wit!

Plenty of websites offer legitimate opportunities for freelancers. is one of them. It’s imperative to your survival to find valid streams of income. If you’re not a “freelancer” then work your hobby. Speak or read another language? Become a Translation Writer, or offer translating services to a local small business. Bottom Line: Find your strength and use it! It may not completely support you, but will provide income at a time when you badly need it! You might even bump into land using untapped talents.

3-SWIM: Make a Break!

Keep your job, or meet your job, and look opportunity right in the eye! You may have to swim until daybreak, but you’ve got the heart so GO! Networking is the most important key to employment! It’s the inverted butterfly stroke of them all. Strengthen the network you have by reminding contacts you’re still around, and asking if they have any new contacts. Build the network you don’t have by talking to everyone, asking questions about their business or work, and telling them your strengths or background. Attend events or places where professionals gather (stick to your budget while you’re there). Join social networks which lead to new contacts. Stay employed if you have a job, because taking off your life jacket while you’re stranded at sea isn’t smart. Finally, if you’re a strong swimmer with Navy Seal training i.e. extra cash sitting around that wouldn’t bankrupt you if squandered, consider investing. YES, now that’s the Newfie Stroke (look it up). Stocks and materials are cheap, and if you’re financially fit you could snag good deals on just about anything (without EXTRA cash this isn’t an option). Bottom Line: Action is imperative! Simply submitting your resume on-line just isn’t enough. Be proactive. Recognize and seize opportunities when you come across them if it’s within your means.


you’re tired by now for certain. You’ve mustered all your energy and the night trade winds are piercing your eardrums like toothpicks. You can barely take short breaths and your arms and legs feel paralyzed. You wonder if you’ll ever make it. Your mind is racing with the most ridiculous thoughts. “Why couldn’t you have just said yes in that interview instead of no?” Just when you’ve become delirious, and your eyelids draw closed you hear a PING! You open your eyes and listen closely. Your smartphone is glowing with an e-mail from the web development you freelance through, the voicemail button is orange with a message from the Manager at a website design company that you met at a professional seminar, and your cool budget app emits a pleasant ding to notify you that you have a windfall from the money you saved by not attending that sale at your favorite store last month. It’s true. There’s no lifeboat, and no one came to save you. No one will believe you when you tell them, as you’re standing at the water-cooler at work. You’ll grin with mischief, lean slyly over top the tank, and softly declare “I saved myself”.

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