Three Weeks In New Zealand: Our Itinerary

New Zealand

New Zealand. goodness, where to begin? we as of late went through three weeks going through this excellent nation. a LOT of arranging went into the way toward choosing precisely where to go and what to see [and what not to.] truth be told, we began arranging about a year prior to we left. it’s been intense for me to conform to returning home from about a month of movement, however, I’m attempting to get again into the schedules of both life and blogging. Get in touch for new Zealand tour packages on your trips.

before I begin experiencing a great many photographs from our excursion – 3,137 to be accurate – I figured I would begin by giving you the overview on our agenda. since now I don’t know what another place to begin! I’ve clearly tossed some photographs in here [and have been messing with brush lettering] in light of the fact that I can’t NOT show you photographs. I would prefer not to part with everything, except ideally this will simply lure you to return and read more. 


I went with Husband and another couple we are companions with for twenty days, covering both North and South islands. among us, we chose to do a blend of inn stays, loft rentals, and outdoors. we flew between the islands and leased vehicles to drive around. the camper van thing simply didn’t work out for us – four individuals in a single camper would have been excessive, and driving something that tremendous through the mountains would have been alarming. I think we settled on [mostly] savvy decisions on where we went and what we did. obviously I’ll dish out some counsel on that later. 

the following is a point by point rundown of every day, with our stops and facilities, and connections to pretty much everything. this is incomplete to assist any individual who later on needs some counsel on making a trip to NZ, and furthermore so I can recollect. there will be a lot of point by point posts on quite a bit of what’s beneath in the months to come – a lot of stories to be told! be that as it may, until further notice, you can think about this as a see. 


we showed up in Auckland around 8 am by means of a short-term departure from Taipei interfacing through Seoul. since we realized we would all be jetlagged, we picked to remain at the Surrey Hotel. this gave us a simple 5-minute taxi ride to downtown where we appreciated supper at the Angus Steak House before falling into an early sleep. 


endeavoring to gain by our initial rising jetlag, we took a morning departure from Auckland to Christchurch. [I had my first long dark espresso from the Shaky Isles Co in Auckland Airport… what’s more, I was hooked.] we gotten our rental vehicle and discovered some astonishing early lunch at the Caffeine Laboratory. in the wake of visiting the Cardboard Cathedral and meandering around town, we looked into the Southwark Apartments. we at that point climbed over to the opposite finish of the city for supper at Mexicano’s [which was definitely justified even despite the walk!] 


after a delayed breakfast [and a few long dark coffees] at a bistro I can’t recollect that, we chose to jump on the cable car and get off at the Botanic Gardens. we meandered for a couple of hours before advancing toward the Re: Start Mall [built from delivery containers] for some lunch from the Tiki Taco truck. ours leased outdoors gear from Adventure Capital showed up. we had some an ideal opportunity to execute before supper and drove out to Cave Rock before a scrumptious Thai dinner at Buddha Stix. 


the drive from Christchurch to Lake Tekapo should be around 3 hours. we got a serious poor start, as we woke in the first part of the day to find our rental vehicle had been broken into and a portion of our camp apparatus taken [and the rest shrouded in glass from a crushed window.] fortunately we picked the full protection on the vehicle and before long had another one all set. we had an incredibly scrumptious lunch at Black Betty bistro before taking off, showing up somewhat later than we arranged. for our first night of outdoors, I booked us a site at the Lake Tekapo Holiday Park. we had quite recently sufficient opportunity to set up the tents and appreciate the view before the sun began to set, prepared ourselves some supper in the camp kitchen, and considered it a night. Get in touch for new Zealand tour packages on your trips.


since we have been postponed the day preceding, we went through our early daytime investigating the territory around the absurdly blue Lake Tekapo. we visited the Church of the Good Shepherd and afterward climbed to the culmination of Mt John for an amazing perspective. a beautiful 1-hour drive [or extremely 2 hours with photograph stops] carried us to Glentanner Park Center only outside of Mt. Cook. our tent arrangement was in a field with an astounding perspective – the mountain itself directly out our entryway. we had another camp kitchen dinner, and I took a stab at shooting some astrophotography before taking care of it. 


our arrangements for an entire day of climbing around Mt Cook were thwarted by intense breezes. following a restless night of attempting to hold the tent down, we broke camp at daybreak not long before a huge rainstorm hit. we endured some tent harm and realized that we were unable to remain one more night without overwhelming. SO we called our rental in Queenstown and fortunately our booking at the Lakeside Apartments was open a night ahead of schedule. some without gluten pies from Hell Pizza and a night of rest in a genuine bed put us on the right track once more. 


the climate was cold and wet. so subsequent to buying another warm layer, Husband and I went through the early evening time tasting vino at The Winery. this was trailed by eating up scrumptious and much-suggested burgers from Fergburger and some broad unwinding. furthermore, more wine. 


our rental vehicle had been making some bizarre commotions, so we chose to take it in before another lengthy drive – ended up being a belt issue and we drove off with our third rental vehicle. we ate at Joe’s Garage and supper at Coyote Grill, with a stroll through the Queenstown Gardens along Lake Wakatipu and some wine on our overhang in the middle. after supper, we chose to take the gondola up to see the [spectacular] perspectives on the region. shockingly we went through just about 2 hours stuck in transit down… however, that is a story for some other time. 


we delighted in a lakeside breakfast at Vudu Cafe before taking off towards Te Anau. the drive took us somewhat longer than anticipated, perhaps 3 hours rather than 2, on the grounds that the street is limited and twisting through pieces of the mountains and along the lake. we showed up in the nick of time for our vessel ride to visit the glowworm caverns. no photographs permitted in the cavern yet it truly was mind-blowing. a short time later we drove the remainder of the path into Milford Sound, halting en route for a few epic photograph minutes. I had booked us several campgrounds at the Milford Lodge, which is just about the main spot to remain in the sound. 


we kicked our three day weekend with a voyage on Milford Sound, booked through Miter Peak. the remainder of the day we spent investigating different paths around the zone and simply being in amazement at how totally supernatural everything in the fiordlands was. 


by and by, the climate-mediated in our outdoor designs. substantial and cold downpours folded through for the time being and remained into the morning, so subsequent to dismantling and getting together our doused tents we chose to skirt another camp night at the Hillview Campsites close to Nugget Point and go directly to Dunedin and a lodging. the drive was perhaps 5 or 6 hours, however, we showed up at the Victoria Hotel with time to investigate the enchanting midtown and eat some stunning Mexican at Del Sol before dim. 


we visited Nova for breakfast, where the men ate up some astonishing looking injectable doughnuts. we at that point made a beeline for Nugget Point beacon [about 1.5 hours drive south] and appreciated a cookout on the seashore. subsequent to looking into the Park Regis Hotel, we drove out the Otago Peninsula to visit the Penguin Place. what’s more, indeed, we saw penguins. 


Spouse and I went through the early daytime unwinding [including a few espressos sweets at Mojo] before meeting up with a companion [Amanda from Living in Another Language] to investigate Larnach Castle and the encompassing nurseries. a short time later, we had a grill and our spouses empathized about continually hanging tight for their blogger wives to take photographs. [which, we didn’t take any at said grill… so I surmise not always.] 


the primary stop of the day was the Cadbury production line for a chocolate-filled visit. after, we took off toward the north, separating the 4.5-hour drive from Dunedin to Christchurch with a stop to see the Moeraki Boulders. we remained at the Southwark Apartments again and visited the close by Loco’s TexMex taco truck for a simple and scrumptious supper. 


we flew back up to Auckland and looked into the Jucy Hostel. it was mine and Husband’s eleventh commemoration of meeting so we meandered around downtown and delighted in a couple of refreshments and a few snacks from different areas, most strikingly Ima Cuisine for Mediterranean and Mexico for mushroom tacos. [have you saw that we like to get our fill of tacos while on vacation?] 


the climate should be warm and bright, so we bounced a ship to Rangitoto Island. we climbed to the head of a [dormant] fountain of liquid magma which had stunning perspectives on the city and investigated

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