Tips for Keeping your Macbook Clean


You must have noticed that most of us clean our Macbook from only the unwanted files and applications. Apart from cleaning the laptop internally, it is equally important that you clean your Macbook externally, which is the surface of Macbook. Now surviving in this technological world bring dust and dirt to screen, keyboard and to the surface of the system. In addition to this, the surface of our Macbook is prone to get oil from our hands. Thus, it is vital that you take out some time for cleaning the system. If you ignore this on a routine basis, then there are chances that the dirt and dust could get clogged in the integral parts of the hardware which would then cost you good amount of money to get it repaired. For this you may have to call for Macbook repair in Mumbai to get it repaired. But if you are willing to avoid these kinds of expensive repairs, then it is vital that you keep the Macbook clean. So in this article you’ll find some of the useful tips which will surely help you!

Use the Microfiber Cloths

As the microfiber cloths help an individual to clean the different things at home, and it can also help in cleaning our Macbook. Just damp the microfiber cloth and then wipe the screen and keyboard; it would definitely remove dust and dirt.

Use the Cleaning Slime

The cleaning slime would seem to be fun but it’s extremely useful. By using this cleaning slime, you can easily collect the dirt from the keys. It could be silly, but you’ll be amazed so as how gently you can easily pick up the dirt from the keys. It may even gather and remove the small particles that may go unnoticed.

Remove Compressed Air

This is one of the products that the Apple repair center professionals would advise you to make use of is the compressed air. If you notice that your keyboards goes unresponsive, and then just spray the compressed air on the above of it. But remember you should not spray near the keyboard as it may pour the liquid on it.

Use Keyboard Cover

You can use the softcover for the keyboard so as to keep the keyboard tidy than to look for the products that can actually make your keyboard keys clean. One of the greatest advantages it offers is that it doesn’t even interrupt with sensitivity and also you will be assured that the dirt doesn’t get clogged up.

Use the Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes

The professionals of Apple repair center have suggested wiping the exterior and also the screen of the Macbook using these wipes. Surely, it will not do any kind of damage to the system. But you may have to use a number of wipes for the each particular time you invest in cleaning, but is although better than the sprays which are used for the cleaning purposes. Thus, investing in these wipes is always a smarter idea.

So these are the tips which you can follow to keep your Macbook clean. These are the basic things which you can do on your own without going to any Macbook repair center or call any laptop technician. If you find the other problems like Macbook screen issues, battery drain issues or faulty keyboard issue then is is advisable to you that you should get the help of professional Macbook repair technicians for right solutions. There are various Macbook repair center in Mumbai which offers affordable price on Macbook repairing. You can checkout the Macbook repair centers like Bombay Computers which provides fast and reliable Macbook repair services with on-site pick and delivery options.

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