Tips for Recovering from Laser Eye Surgery

Tips for Recovering from Laser Eye Surgery - Optimal Vision

Laser eye surgery is a painless, quick and straightforward procedure to correct different vision problems. latest Laser eye surgery involves a surgeon using a laser to remove a small part of the corneal tissues to correct a vision problem.

Tips for Recovering from Laser Eye Surgery - Optimal Vision
The operation on the eye. Cataract surgery

The eyes are an important body organ and very sensitive, so, after any treatment or procedure like laser eye surgery, you need to give your body and eyes the rest they deserve. If you just had laser eye surgery or are about to undergo the laser eye surgery, these tips would help speed up your recovery process and prevent certain complications.

  • Rest

After your laser eye surgery, you will need to rest your eyes. Immediately after your surgery, you will remain at the resting area of the clinic for a few minutes. Although you can leave the clinic on the day of the surgery, you are advised not to drive home. Ensure you arrange for a friend or family member to drive you home after your surgery.

If you performed LASIK eye surgery, your cornea would begin to heal after a few minutes, and you can see things clearly, but ensure you take it easy because the eyes will gradually heal over time.

  • Do not be in haste to resume work

Give your eyes as much time as possible to heal. The first few days following your surgery, try not to do things that would strain your eyes. It would be best to avoid looking at screens for a long time, especially for the first few days. This also includes playing video games and reading.

After laser eye surgery, some people can go back to work the following day, but, it is best to rest and take a few days off work, particularly if your job entails using computers or any activity that could strain your eyes. Your surgeon will be in the best place to advise you on the right time to return to work.

  • Do not touch or rub your eyes

It may not be easy to keep your hands off your eyes after your surgery, but try your best to not touch or rub your eyes when your vision becomes blurry or when your eyes become dry. After the laser surgery, your surgeon will give you drops to help you ease the dry eyes.

  • Wear protective eyewear

In the first days and weeks after laser eye surgery, you will experience increased eye sensitivity, so you have to protect your eyes. If you want to go outdoor, wear UV protection sunglasses to prevent direct sunlight. Before you go to bed, ensure you wear protective eyewear.

  • Do not drive

Driving immediately after laser eye surgery is illegal, so have someone drive you home after your surgery. During the surgery, your surgeon will apply anaesthetic drops in your eyes. You might also get a mild sedative for relaxation, so it is dangerous to drive when you still have a sedative in your system. After your surgery, you need to apply to update your driver’s license since you no longer have a refractive error.

  • Take baths, no showers

The first few weeks after your laser eye surgery, try not to shower, but take baths. Taking a shower will expose your eyes to running water, and this may cause complications.

  • No make-ups

After your treatment, ensure that chemicals do not enter your eyes. To do this, you will need to avoid wearing eye make-ups for about 1 – 2 weeks after the surgery.

  • Adhere to instructions

Your surgeon may likely give you specific aftercare instructions, depending on your individual need. Ensure you strictly adhere to the instructions and use your eye drops as instructed.

  • Contact your surgeon when you think there is a problem

Although laser eye surgery patients rarely experience complications, there is a small chance, about 2% that there would be a complication. However, most complications are easy to handle during a follow-up appointment.

If you think there is an issue with your eyes or the healing process, ensure you contact your surgeon immediately. It may be something small, but it is better to be safe. The faster you detect a complication, the higher chance of handling it.

  • Attend your check-ups

You would have several follow-up appointments in the weeks and months following your laser eye surgery, ensure you attend these appointments. During the appointments, the surgeon will check if you are healing correctly and address any issue.

Even if you have a perfect vision and think you have properly healed, ensure you attend all your appointments.

With these tips, you should have a smooth recovery, but if you want more tips on recovering quickly from laser eye surgery, contact Optimal Vision today!

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