Tips To Choose And Wear Daily Wear Sarees

Daily Wear Sarees

Many women may wonder how can you wear the saree as a daily wear. But it’s not that difficult how much it seems to be. Since ages women wear light weight and simple sarees as a daily wear outfit. They used to do all household chores by wearing this outfit. A printed cotton saree or a lightweight georgette saree is always a prior choice by women for a casual wear. The outfit is draped in many different styles and comes in several patterns. 

Tips to Choose a Daily Wear Saree

If you are searching for some tips on how to wear a daily wear saree then keep these simple things in mind.


The first and foremost thing that is important regarding any attire is its fabric. It should be soft and comfortable so that you feel fresh and moisture free. Fabric such as cotton is the most preferred one due to its ability to control sweat and moisture. The fabric is a natural fibre obtained from cotton plants and made in some bright and vibrant colours. They also have some prints and designs that makes the outfit look more amazing and adoring. Georgette and chiffon can also be preferred as a daily wear fabric that is suitable for every season

Colour and Design: 

Another thing after fabric is a cool colour and perfect design. There are a variety of colour options and designs in this outfit. Some big and small motifs give the outfit a more drastic look. A digital print saree is a perfect pick for daily wear, some other prints such as floral prints, lines, checks or some traditional prints like animal prints or paisleys. Printed sarees or sarees having thin border and laces are best for daily purpose. They can also be worn at casual functions or parties.


A perfect wholesale blouse can help you get a proper look. The blouse should be perfectly fitted and it should have a proper neckline as well as perfect sleeves. The neck can be simple or any other classical neck lines are also preferable for a daily wear saree. The sleeves may vary as per one’s choice and preference, it can be short, medium or long. The sleeves can be customized in many different styles and patterns such as cap sleeves, slit sleeves, sleeves with off-shoulder, cold shoulder sleeves and sleeves with keyholes.  

Draping Style: 

Saree can be draped in a number of styles, every Indian state has its own style of draping saree. For daily wear women prefer to wear the style that is easy to drape and comfortable. This six to seven meters long attire can be draped in nivi style that is the basic or casual drape, Gujarati style with seedha pallu or any other style. Women living in Maharashtra drape it in the traditional Maharashtrian style that forms a dhoti pattern from the bottom and Bengali women wear the outfit in Bengali style. Wear it in any of the styles that you feel comfortable in. Outfit guide for your perfect engagement

Some Tips For a Better Look

  • The petticoat that you pair with your saree should be perfect in size and of matching colour so that it gives a better look to the attire. The length of petticoat should be till the ankle so that it does not exceed the saree from the end. 
  • Secure your saree with some safety pins, you compulsorily need one to tuck the pallu and use another to keep the pleat proper. 
  • The pleats should be of same size and it usually depends upon the style in which you are going to wear the saree. Minimum five to six pleats should be there in a casual drape saree.    

Accessories with a Daily Wear Saree

There are some traditional accessories paired with a saree by women. These accessories are a part of their daily wear and makes the woman look more beautiful. 

Bangles: This accessory comes in different metals and colours. A colourful glass bangle or a wooden bangle having some beautiful designs on them are paired with a saree. Some women also prefer bangles made from copper, silver or gold as a daily wear accessory.

Earrings: Every girl wears this one on a regular basis. It is not only worn with saree or ethnic attires but it is also worn with modern outfits. Girls wear earrings since childhood and they change it if they want to pair any matching one with their dress.

Anklet: Indian women wear silver anklets on a regular basis. It is the culture to wear anklets with traditional clothes. This accessory also comes in gold, copper or other artificial materials and they are detailed with some colourful stones, diamonds or some hanging chains to make it look more attractive and beautiful.  

Bindi: A bindi on forehead is a compulsory accessory with a surat sarees wholesale price online . They come in different sizes and colours and can be matched with the outfit as per one’s choice. They come in multiple varieties and shapes, they can be plain, or some small and big diamonds can make it a more alluring one.  

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