Tips to Make Your First Week Of Invisalign Bearable

Tips to Make Your First Week Of Invisalign Bearable - Dental Clinic London
Tips to Make Your First Week Of Invisalign Bearable - Dental Clinic London

It is great to have finally decided to correct your orthodontic problem with Invisalign. If you are about to or just began your Invisalign journey, within a few months, your smile would be perfect and your time will be worth it.

However, getting the best Invisalign in London is just one step, and you have to put efforts for your treatment to be successful. You will have your aligners in your mouth for at least 22 hours a day. It could be a significant commitment to make and wearing the aligners could be uncomfortable and a bit painful, especially within the first few days of your treatment.

Generally, for your treatment to be successful, you have to take good care of your mouth and have a consistent cleaning routine for both your mouth and the aligners during your treatment.

As you begin your Invisalign journey, these tips would help make your first week a walk-over and maximise your comfort while your clear aligners do their work.

  • Protect your tongue

    The clear aligners have plastic edges which may cause you to have sores, especially when you start your treatment and when you change your aligners to a new set. The sores will clear off as your mouth adjusts to the aligners.

    To manage the sores, use Invisalign wax to cover the sharp edges and rough spots on your aligners. Take a little Invisalign wax, roll it with your fingers and apply it on the rough or sharp parts but if any part of your clear aligner is very rough, ask your orthodontist to file it down.

    Another way to protect your mouth is by using a peroxide-based mouthwash. A peroxide-based mouthwash helps to heal minor oral irritations during orthodontic treatment, and it relieves gum pain. When you use the mouthwash, it also provides a soothing foamy effect on the spots.
  • Treat your pain and discomfort

    Invisalign treatment may be painful at some point. You may experience the pain in your teeth and jaws as the aligners apply force to move the teeth to their right position. To minimise this pain, engage in chewing exercises frequently, especially when you re-insert the aligners.

    Chewing helps the treatment go as planned and relieves Invisalign pain. It does this by massaging the gum which stimulates the flow of nutrient-rich blood in the mouth and acts as a natural pain reliever. Chewing exercises also make the aligner trays fit better.
  • Use movements

    It may not be convenient to engage in chewing exercises at all times. Using chewies or other chewing options may not be hygienic so you can opt for Movemints. They freshen your breath and make your aligner trays fit better.

    Movemints are an alternative to chewies as they help you exercise your mouth gently and combat dry mouth at the same time. They are also sugar-free and sweetened with xylitol.
  • Keep track on how long you wear your aligners

    It may take a while to adjust to the Invisalign lifestyle. The aligners are removable, and taking them out at any time is possible. Still, orthodontists recommend that you wear your aligner for at least 22 hours to prevent an extended treatment time. 

    Keeping track of how long you wear your aligner daily is essential, and thankfully, some tools make this easier. You can use TrayMinder, a free mobile app that helps you keep track of how long you wear your aligners and when to change your trays.

    You should have one or two other aligner cases with you at all times to avoid misplacing or losing your aligner trays. You can use a nCase too because it is integrated with a smartphone app and keeps track of the user’s wearing time.
  • Remove your aligners safely

    Be careful while removing your aligners and you can make it easier by using an Invisalign aligner remover like Orthokey. You can use your fingers to take out your trays, but as the aligner trays get tighter, it becomes difficult to use your hand to fit the trays easily.

    You may decide to use other Invisalign accessories to make the removing and re-inserting process easier.
  • Ensure your trays are clean

    Ensure you keep your trays clean and try not to make taking anything asides water a habit when your aligner trays are in your mouth. If your aligner trays are no longer clear, use a recommended cleaning agent to clean your aligners. Brush your mouth after every meal before you re-insert your aligner.
  • Create a cleaning routine that works for you

    To make your Invisalign journey worthwhile, create a personal cleaning routine that works for you and maintain it. You can practice the Invisalign cleaning tips and follow all the instructions from your orthodontist.
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