Top 10 Tips On How To Name Your Business and Create a Great Brand Name

Are you in the process of starting your small business? As part of a successful startup, you need a business name that will surely grab everyone’s attention when they hear it and strongly remember it. However, thinking of brand name is a common challenge for first-time entrepreneurs. 

Don’t worry, in this article, we’ll be sharing with you some tips about how you can come up with the most ideal and catchy name for your new journey.

1. Don’t go for a hard-to-spell name

There is no potential customer that wants to get frustrated about how to find your business online. This is a simple tip! Avoid getting them to always correct the misspelled version of your name. A simple name is usually the best name you can have. 

2. Must be 100% original

Although there is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from other brands, never copy another brand’s name! It’s not only a cheap scheme, but it’s also unoriginal. It will only inflict a negative effect on your business, even if the brand you are copying or taking inspiration from is not coming from the same industry. 

If you think you won’t be dragged to court for trademark or copyright issues, it’s never good to piggyback or cash in on another brand’s success that can possibly get catastrophic if the other brand lands up in a PR disaster. 

3. Maintain your focus 

Name Your Business

It’s normal to dream that someday you want to dominate the world, and of course, you would naturally be attracted to a business name with words like “enterprise” or “global” in it. Although it’s fine to have huge aspirations, you must not forget that your customers are looking for specialists in your niche and can be held on by such tags. As your company develops and thrives, you may always change its name. But this is different when it comes to ecommerce businesses that are particularly focused on one area and get a name that recommends the same, most likely they would be successful. 

You may want to focus your ideas on what you want your business’ name to communicate and allow that to be one of your primary driving factors when coming up with decisions. 

4. Never pick a name that’s limiting to the growth of business 

Don’t try choosing a narrow name because it may bring your problems along the way. Just think of Jeff Bezos if he decided to name his business “OnlineBooks” instead of “Amazon.” People would think that he is only selling online books. So try to stay away from limiting names and don’t focus on one specific product or a city. You will never know when your business will expand. 

5. Check if the name is catchy 

Of course, you don’t want a dull name for your brand, however, you don’t want to pick something that’s already out there. And in the future, you’re going to want your employees to be able to proudly say where they work without hesitating to do so, and the name of your business should be relevant to your target audience.

6. Ask some feedbacks about the name 

Name Your Business

Try listing down 5 to 10 names and then ask your family members, friends, and trusted colleagues about what they think with the names. Aside from these people, you may also want to get feedback from your target audience too. The names must not connote any negative impressions, just take for example what GM did when they named their car model “Nova” which means “doesn’t go” in Spanish. So, try to research the name too if it has other meaning also. 

7. Should be full of energy 

Name Your Business

A business name must have an energy to it since it’s one of those essential aspects when looking for a name. It’s important that the name may give buzz or vibe in order to effectively promote and carry any ads or marketing campaigns in the future. You will know if you have a good business name when you are able to represent the business’ true energy level. This may sound subjective but the best business name will be full of life yet humble enough to show professionalism.

8. The name must sound amazing when you say it aloud 

Some names look great on paper but can sound awkward when said out loud. And just like what we previously mentioned, people must not be confused how to spell it. 

9. It should be available 

Google search

Obviously, a good name for your business should be available and must not be taken by some other business or similar to another business. There are some tools online that can help you check the availability of the name you want. You may try using Shopify Business Name Generator.

10. Don’t make it too complicated. Be SIMPLE. 

They say there is beauty in simplicity. Even if your target audience will eventually learn your name, a great business name is the one that’s simple yet clings to the mind of your customers. It’s important that they are able to get it right from the start. Don’t lose customers because they are having difficulty connecting with your brand due to a complicated business name. It’s better to keep things simple to avoid further problems.  

Lastly, we highly recommend that you learn more about business insurance if you want to protect your business’s name and reputation in the future. 

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