Top 3 Best Smart­watch­ with Music Play Review In 2021

Best Smart­watch
Best Smart­watch

If you’re a tech fan, you already need to know that smartwatches are capable of too much these days. You can do a great deal, from relaying emails to your wrist to sensing workouts and adjusting the music on your phone. But it isn’t like that. Playing music straight from your watch or fitness tracker, all thanks to onboard storage, is another fascinating thing you can do. And this is in addition to the capability of most watches to stream audio.

Yep, you’ve read it correctly! With an onboard music room, when doing your workouts and morning walks, you will be able to use your watch as a mini music player. What you need to do is pair the watch with high-quality gym headphones, and that’s about it. This agreement provides you with the right to leave your phone at home. You’ll have fewer distractions, in brief. Sounds intriguing, right?

We have lined up some of the finest smartwatches with music play in this article with an onboard music room. Let’s start.


The Active 2 leans more towards wellness, which ensures that you get integrated automatic monitoring of exercise, manual tracking as well as the number of floors you have climbed. That is in addition to controlling the heart rate and recording sleep.

A seamless experience is provided by Tizen OS on Active 2. Either click through the menus to navigate or use the slick spinning bezel. I’ve been using the smartwatch for around 6 months, and I’m pretty happy with it, except for the battery life.

The 4GB of onboard capacity when it comes to music is enough to carry a significant chunk of your favorite songs. You can move the songs directly from your phone to the smartwatch, through the Galaxy Wearable app, as it comes with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. When you’re done, just whip your earphones out, pair them up, and you’ll be sorted out. Yep, that’s so easy.

So far, thanks to the smooth touch-screen, longevity (it is difficult, believe me), sleep monitoring, among others, it has amassed a review of 4.7-stars out of 5 on Amazon.

You should try out the Samsung Galaxy Watch if you want a more durable watch.

FITBIT VERSA 2 Smartwatches With Music Play:

The smartwatch monitors both your workouts and your sleep and offers pretty specific outcomes. And you will be able to see the steps as well as the current heart rate thanks to the Always-on Monitor. But once again, what the Always-on Monitor displays still depends on the face of the watch.

You should listen to Spotify (premium) when it comes to music and opt to download offline tracks. If we’re talking about numbers, Versa 2 helps you to upload about 300 tracks.

The only thing is that the method of transition is a tad restricting. Versa 2 doesn’t have Wi-Fi, so you can’t explicitly move the songs to the watch. You’re going to use the Fitbit desktop software for that instead.

As far as battery life is concerned, the Versa 2 has a battery life of about 8 days. But the battery life takes a dramatic plunge and only lasts for 2.5 days with the Always-on Show on.


One of the Apple Watch Series 5’s most interesting aspects is that the watch downloads the applications already on your phone automatically. And with automated heart rate tracking, among others, a magnetometer to help in navigation.

And well, when it comes to aesthetics, it stands out with its elegant form factor, impressive camera, and the cherry on top is the Always-on display.

You can synchronize offline songs to the watch on your Apple Watch, and it does so via Bluetooth. The method is transparent and fast to do with the Apple Watch app. What’s more, you can even sync said material to your phone if you’re a fan of Apple Podcasts.

The fitness enthusiast in you already wants to know that when it comes to wellness, this Apple Watch Series 5 has an outstanding run. Any surveillance is pretty solid, from ECG, sleep tracking to health tracking.

Battery life, which only lasts more than a day, is the only point of concern.

Conclusion Smartwatches With Music Play:

These were some of the best smartwatches with storage for onboard audio. And apart from music, it’s also possible to store offline podcasts. The only thing you need to ensure is to keep the content constantly refreshing so that you don’t get bored of it easily.

It’s worth noting at the same time that playing music on your watches would have a huge influence on battery life. But if you intend to play it daily, at all times, take the charging cable with you.

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