Top 5 Funding Programs For Startup Business In India

Funding for startups

The term ‘Funding’ is nothing but the money needed to start or to run the new business.

It is an investment done for the company to start developing products, manufacturing, sales and marketing, expansion, inventory, and office spaces.

You can also utilize Pre-series A funding which is one of the high capital-raising processes which need to be considered by the startups. 

Fundraising For startups

Most of the startup companies think not to get funding from an unknown person known as third parties, but they expect funds from their founders only.

However, also, startups do grow to fund, mostly when they grow and develop their operations. So, if you are searching for the topic funding, make sure to know over here to know and understand for your future purpose.

Funding is the significant challenge that businesspeople encounter. New businesses usually fail when they are unable to invest sufficient money in their business.

While many startups will depend on other investor funding, different building funds like angel investment, crowdfunding and startup programs are also becoming more famous in India.

Best Funding Programs For Startup Business In India:


Endiya program starts developing all kinds of companies which support product services in the form of Digital Transformation; also, it supports Healthcare sectors. Mostly this program helps for technological Venture Capital for entrepreneurs.

PRISM’s Technopreneur Promotion Program (Tepp):

PRISM Start-ups and MSME previously termed as Technopreneur Promotion Programme, a government initiative created by one of the Department of Science and Technology.

The DSIR provides the best program to Indian business innovators for ideal development as well as commercialization. It is a subject for different evaluations to improve growth in business and financial and technical viability analysis. This gives innovators strong support, including advanced technical and necessary support to develop.


It is a great startups program which was founded in 2013 that includes funding, incubation and provides technical support for startups companies in India nearly from 10 years ago.

Only selected startups will receive from this program like government funds, venture capitalists, as well as angel investors. Most of the startup’s companies participate under acceleration programs and are inspired to foster partnerships, including Nasscom’s network.

Zone Startups:

One of the brands Ryerson Network runs these accelerator programs throughout the world with great Zone Startups. This provides a broad range of resources and services including mentorship and funding; corporate partners & advisors; networking opportunities; a way to talent, marketing & promotional opportunities; even soft-landing help for development mainly for North American businesspeople. They additionally allow seed capital to startups with high potential. 

UnLtd India:

It is one of the topmost organizations in India that helps mostly for social entrepreneurs in early years who are highly passionate about providing high-level socio-economic services and brings a change in that field by solving our country’s critical issues. 

UnLtd India supports social media business people nearly for five years in their lifecycle. It has produced startups over sectors including Agriculture, Environment, Sports, Gender Equality, Health, Water & Sanitation, Energy, Education, Inclusive Development & Housing.

Startup India Initiative:

It was founded in 2016 January 16 by Narendra Modi. It established an initiative to develop a healthy ecosystem to encourage startup business people in India.

The overall action plan taken to focus on allowing support, including simpler exit rules for weak startup companies, easier compliance, fast-tracking of grant applications, legal support, and providing a website to overcome information asymmetry. Also, it provides funding support through Income Tax as well as Capital Gains only for eligible people.

These are some of the topmost programs which involve in funding for startups. So, if you are searching for this type of program to receive funds to start a new business, you can include these in your business process to go forward with a high success level.

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