Top 5 Mind Blowing Machetes on the Market


It isn’t every day you see people using a machete.It is definitely a novelty item that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But those who do use them know the pure thrill and power one feels using machetes. If you are a machete enthusiast, you have come to the right place. 

This list will count down to the 5 best machetes that you can get. We will be looking at Machetes for Sale that are 100% on impact, structure and looks. But first let’s cover the bases and see what we are dealing with here. 

Is Machete A Knife?

Contrary to popular belief, a machete is technically not a knife. A knife ideally slices across something to cut it. The correct way to use a machete is to hack it to chop something. It works more like an axe, but for people who regularly use them, they can be amazing knives as well. 

What Is A Machete Used For?

  • Even though they look clunky and hard to use, machetes are incredibly useful and versatile. 
  • They are a regular part of rural life worldwide. They’re ideal for chopping and slicing. Agricultural communities also use machetes as hacking tools for crop harvest and cultivation. 
  • For survival training, machetes are ideal as blades. They are large, sharp and forceful which helps hikers, trekkers and survivalists to sustain themselves in the wild. 
  • They have also been used in native tribes as weapons sometimes, and to this day they are affiliated to some Asian gangs. That’s mainly because they are also used as weapons in martial arts and people still train with them. 
  • Machetes work really well as axes and are useful for timber chopping as well. 

They have heavy handles that provide force for chopping tough foods like Taro and coconuts. 

Is Ownership And Machete For Sale Legal In The US?

Unlike other knives that are sharp and pointed enough to stab or harm, machetes are the opposite. The ownership of machetes is legal in the US due to two reasons.

  • They have been a part of native culture for centuries, both as a weapon and as a multipurpose agricultural tool. 
  • You can’t sharpen both sides of a machete, so it can’t stab or cut through bones. They can be used to threaten someone but they aren’t ideal for self-defense. 
  • You can openly carry a machete in California as the law implies you to carry any blade openly without a cover. 

What Are The Best Machetes To Buy?

Now, circling back to the original context, if you want the best machete, here are the top 5 best-selling ones available online. No matter what your usage is, these five blades will take care of everything. 

·         25 Inch PP Material Resident Evil Black Kukri Machete Knife

A kukri knife is a local machete knife native to Asia. It is generally used as a martial arts training weapon. For martial arts lovers, this Resident Evil machete is a must have tool and a dear collectible as well. 

·         Z Hunter 15 Inch Fixed Blade Kukri Machete Knife – Tan Skull Camo

Speaking of collectible and cool knives, this zombie hunter themed machete is definitely a top-selling product. The graphic look definitely adds this one in the list of cool machetes you can get.

·         Outdoor Survival 24 Inch Fixed Blade Machete Knife

For the lovers of the great outdoors, this survival machete is the single tool that takes care of everything. You can set up camp, build shelters, cut through thick groves and harvest food with this one-blade wonder. 

·         Elk Ridge Hunting Fixed Blade Machete Knife

It’s quite impossible to talk about top-selling knives and not include Elk Ridge knives. This awesome Elk Ridge machete is the perfect hunting tool. The mighty 8.5 inch blade and the nylon, rubber handle provides great force for all kinds of hunting. Get ready to catch the best game of your life with this monster.

·         16.5 Inches Killer Red Bill Hook Machete with Scabbard

This machete is the epitome of well-designed utility. It is the best agricultural tool you will need, as it is super sharp and easy to grip thanks to the handle. The bill hook at the end is also sharpened and is ideal for cutting brambles and roots. This machete comes with a scabbard to prolong the blade life and keep it durable for longer. 

Buy Cheap Machetes at PA Knives

If you’re wondering why you should buy machetes online instead of from local stores, I have two words for you; wholesale knives. All the machetes listed above are cheap knivesthat are available online at at wholesale rates as low as $22. You have abundant choices of quality knives on one website that caters to your taste and your budget than any local store.

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