Top 5 Solutions To Fix Windows Driver Problems Complete Guide of 2021

Top 5 solutions to fix Windows Driver problems
Fix Windows Driver Problems

Drivers are the most essential component of a system. You must know that Windows drivers work as a mediator between the operating system and the hardware of a computer. If you wish to have a smooth functioning computer system, you need to keep your drivers safe and updated. 

Sometimes drivers happen to show errors while you are working on your computer. This might happen due to outdated and corrupted drivers. Thus, keeping the drivers updated at all times should be a must. Otherwise, you’ll have to prepare yourself for the consequences. 

So go ahead and find out the solutions to the most common drivers’ problems.

Common Windows drivers’ problems and their solutions

Let’s have a look at some of the most dreadful things that happen to appear on your windows screen when your drivers go corrupted. 

1. Blue Screen of Death

When the blue screen appears out of nowhere on your computer screen, it feels like the most frightful thing for a Windows user.

This error takes over your screen due to some critical system failure. When Windows is unable to troubleshoot the issue by itself, a BSOD error takes over the screen. This is one of the most common drivers’ issues reported by most Windows users. Due to the new Windows updates patches, this error is disturbing the users. 

To avoid this error, you need to update the graphics card drivers of your computer. This is known as the best fix for a BSOD error.

2. Mouse or Touchpad Drivers issue

There are times when you find yourself struggling with a freezing touchpad when you are working on your computer. Due to multiple reasons, this error can show up and interrupt your system. 

  • USB interference with the mouse.
  • Disabled touchpad/ mouse settings.
  • The operating system fails to respond.
  • The PC uses the combination of FN keys to deactivate or activate the mouse

There are certain ways you can use to fix this issue:

  • Consider restarting your computer
  • Check the cables connected to your system
  • Check for Hardware problems
  • Turn on the functions keys (F5, F7, F8, OR F9)

3.USB driver issues

This is yet another prominent issue faced by most users. Errors like “Unknown USB device code 43” or “USB device descriptor request failed error” can prevent the user from using the USB devices effectively. 

Issues like:

  • Outdated BIOS
  • Broken USB cable
  • Missing or corrupted USB drivers
  • Malware injection in the USB
  • Incorrectly configured device

There are a few fixes you can try to fix the USB drivers’ issue:

  • Restart your PC
  • Connect the USB to another port
  • Check whether the USB is working properly in another system
  • Uninstall the USB drivers
  • Update the USB drivers
  • Troubleshoot the USB device descriptor failure issue

4. Windows 10 Upgrade Driver problem

Upgrading the new Windows 10 shouldn’t be a problem. But if the drivers are causing this error, it could be due to the following reasons:

  • Damaged or old Device Drivers
  • Low disk space
  • The Windows PC does not meet the upgrade requirements
  • Third-party interference

If are facing this error on your Windows PC, take a look at these solutions:

  • Try the Windows Update Troubleshooter
  • Use a third-party driver updater to upgrade Windows
  • Windows in-built driver fixer via Device Manager

You need to update all drivers Windows 10 to avoid such errors on your computer. Most of the drivers’ issues occur when the drivers are not up to date. Ensure to make the update happen when required. 

5. Network connection issue

This error is yet another prominent issue that is faced by many Windows users. A network connection issue can occur due to multiple reasons. 

Check whether the network adapter drivers are old if they are, update them right away. Sometimes interruptions from a third-party program could lead to this issue. Loosen or broken connections might be a significant factor to consider. 

To prevent this issue from occurring, try these fixes:

  • Run an in-built Network troubleshoot in Windows
  • Disable any third-party Antivirus in your system
  • Try restarting the network adapters

This should probably do. Try any of these solutions to prevent the network connection issue.

That’s all about it. It is hoped that the solutions mentioned above helped you get through your drivers’ issues. These solutions are highly effective. 

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