Top 5 Ways Universities Can Benefit From Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

Most people don’t understand how schools and educational institutions work, especially their budgets. School budgets can be very complicated as it includes various costs, including operation costs like printers. Printing is a central function of all educational institutions, large or small. The reality is that most school administrators don’t understand their school’s printing needs and end up loading on devices, paper, and toner.

By implementing a managed print solution, schools can minimize print costs and issues like jammed printers, network error, ink shortages, etc. Managed print services have helped thousands of schools and institutions to save a lot of money and manage their print environment effectively. MPS is also assisting schools in keeping up with current print technology and save costs.

Top Benefits of Managed Print Services for Universities

Many schools and universities have started acquiring managed print services because of its numerous advantages. Here are the top 5 ways schools and educational institutions can benefit from managed print services and solutions.

1.    Cost Savings

Schools and universities often face challenges with regard to budgets and expenses. There is often greater scrutiny in terms of item expenses and costs. One aspect that can help schools with cost savings and reducing overall expenses is; printing. However, this aspect is mostly overlooked. Managed print services can help schools significantly reduce costs, as these services have fixed monthly billing.

A fixed billing helps the administration in planning and forecasting future printing costs making sure they stick to the budget and save costs. MPS solution helps the school administration to accurately determine their supply needs, which helps reduce unnecessary overheads and storage costs.

2.    Reducing Paper Waste

With an enhanced focus on campaigns like “Going Green,” schools and universities are also taking initiatives to save the environment and be sustainable. One option to reduce paper waste is to go digital, but for educational institutions, that is not entirely possible as of now. However, a managed print solution can help schools to reduce paper waste to reduce not only operating costs but also reduce their impact on the environment.

With a good managed print services solution from a reliable provider like Xerox UAE, your school will be able to upgrade to energy-efficient machines, inks, and recycling programs. These upgrades will help you significantly reduce paper waste and costs. Did you know, around 40% of the world’s timber commercially is used for paper production! With MPS, you can help drop that number and protect the earth!

3.    Increased Accessibility

Managed print services allow school administration and teachers to print documents from anywhere as long as they are using one network. Most of the schools and universities have multiple campuses and operate a number of printers that are used by thousands of users daily. With MPS, you don’t have to visit another campus to retrieve information.

MPS allows you to print documents from anywhere using the network. It means that you can retrieve print documents from any printer by logging in using your school credentials and password. A lot of schools have adopted MPS due to its increased accessibility.

4.    Greater Security

One of the major concerns of schools and other educational institutions is confidential student records management. In an organization where there are plenty of shared printers, security is a high risk, and it can be a challenge for the school administration. Did you know hackers can easily hack your confidential files through your shared printers!

Don’t panic, as managed print technology helps you safely print and store your confidential documents. In the case of shared printers, confidential documents are mostly left on print trays, which opens a lot of opportunities for information breaches. With managed print services, you can hold a print command in queue until a registered person retrieves it using a secure PIN number.

5.    Focus on Students

In this modern digital era, the use of computers and technology is an important aspect of classroom learning. Schools are using different learning styles, including technology, for an excellent education experience and increase learning. This high need for IT is pulling administration into various directions as schools are trying to find a balance between students’ and administration’s needs.

The integration of IT into classrooms has resulted in a lot of issues like network errors, print issues, etc. It means that the IT department spends most of their time troubleshooting print issues like jammed printers, ink shortages, etc. On the other hand, in the case of the MPS solution, the providers automatically resolve the issues on time, which reduced downtime, so staff can focus on its students instead of fixing printer problems.

Get Started with MPS!

These are some of the best advantages of managed print services for schools and universities. A good managed print services provider like Xerox UAE will help you establish a system that improves workflow, school productivity, and minimizes print costs. MPS has great potential for schools as it centralizes the print environment, which helps the administration to predict costs, which might be impossible otherwise. MPS is a step into the future as it can meet your school’s printing needs and challenges and help teachers increase their potential and focus on students. This type of learning environment at the school will help foster immersive growth and learning opportunities.

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