Top 6 Most Delicate Rice Dishes From Vietnam

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 Delicate Rice Dishes

Everyone knows that Pho is the most famous Vietnamese Rice Noodle Soup in Tampa, Florida. Rice noodles are one of the best noodles to eat because vegans can also eat the noodles. However, rice noodles are a vital ingredient in Pho at a Vietnamese restaurant in Tampa, Florida. There are other kinds of rice dishes that are famous in the streets of Vietnam.

Rice is the main crop grown in Vietnam from north to south, making it the base of much typical food and staple food in Vietnam. There are many lip-smacking rice dishes that people must try at least once in their lives. Some of the best pho restaurants in Tampa, Florida, also serve a variety of rice dishes. Some of the famous rice dishes are mentioned below-

  • Com Nam- the Vietnamese rice balls

Com Nam is a simple Vietnamese dish and can even be made at home. It is ideal for snacks when one plans to go on a picnic, long drive, or any form of short-distance travel. As the name suggests, Vietnamese rice balls are balls made of long-grain rice. The rice is cooked and kneaded into fine balls, some herbs and spices are added for enhanced taste. It is an easy and flavorful quick dish.

  • Com Tam- the broken rice

Pho is said to be originated from Northern Vietnam. The com tam is the love of southern Vietnam. It is an easy dish and eaten with roasted pork belly or chicken breast. People love it very much and can eat the Com Tam dish at any time of day. It is served with eggs, fish sauce, pickled daikon, and carrot and cucumber salad. Com Tam can be found at some of the best pho restaurants in Tampa, Florida.

  • Com Chien- the Vietnamese fried rice

Every nation has its version of fried rice, and so does Vietnam. The best part about com Chien that anything can be added to it, so the fried rice is more experimental and versatile. Most of the rice dishes in Vietnam are easy to cook, and so is Com Chien. 

The rice is first boiled in the container, and then it is stir-fried. During the period of stir-frying is where all the magic happens. You can customize the fried rice by asking the chefs to add chicken, pork, beef, vegetables, and eggs. The different types of sauces like fish sauce and soy sauce are also used to make fried rice.

  • Com Chay- the crispy rice

Com Chay is the rice dish introduced by Chinese travelers in Vietnam. The rice choice matters the most in making com chay. The cooker has to cook the aromatic rice in the steel pots and then dry it in the sun for 2-3 days.

The golden brown crispy rice cakes are then cut into circles and then put into the hot oil until golden brown. The Com Chay is the favorite rice option when people order pig’s heart and kidney soup. It is served with vegetable pickles and salad.

  • Banh tet- the stuffed sticky rice cake

Banh tet is Vietnam’s favorite rice dish, and it caters to vegetarians, non-vegetarians, and vegans alike. The sticky rice is stuffed with mung beans or pork filings. The sticky rice is spread across the banana leaf, and a layer of mung bean or pork mixture is laid on the sticky rice.

The banana leaf is then rolled and tied with fine rope. The banana pocket is then steamed in the bamboo steamer. It is enjoyed with coffee and tea and is a famous evening snake. Banh tet, or the stuffed rice cake, is the favorites snack of southern Vietnam.

  • Xoi-the purple rice

Xoi is the most beautiful rice dish in the world originated from Vietnam. It is purple and can be available as a dessert or a snack. It is found everywhere in Vietnam, from upscale restaurants to roadside street vendors. Xoi is served in banana leaves which enhances the taste of the rice.


Many restaurants serve different types of rice dishes and Vietnamese Rice Noodle Soup in Tampa, Florida. Pho is very famous globally, and there are many best pho restaurants in Tampa, Florida. Slowly rice dishes are also gaining popularity globally, and there are different varieties of rice dishes that people love to eat at a Vietnamese outlet.

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