Top Attractions in Madison

Top Attractions in Madison
Top Attractions in Madison

Madison, capital of the republican state of Wisconsin, is a major cultural and historical club situated in the center of America. Madison is one of the most quintessential American cities in the country; It offers what some people might call the true ‘American Dream.’ Let’s look at some of the Top Attractions in Madison and get to know the city better.

Fortunately, the city is a cradle for the iconic architect Frank Lloyd Wright who was born here. Along with his company, he incepted many architectural marvels and gave the region its landscape. Similarly, the city is packed with such trivial details, making it the cultural capital today we know as of now.

This article is a comprehensive list of the top attractions in the city and would suggest you take a look at it by yourself. And yes, we know that the best part about traveling is discovering the place as a local without any prior knowledge of the city you are inside; however if you are not one of those travelers who can spend their night in a national park without worrying about it. Additionally, we would suggest you look out for airlines like Frontier airlines to book a flight as they might lead you to exceptional offers and affordable deals.

  1. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin East

Thirty-Five miles west of Madison, just outside the springs greens lies Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece, Taliesin East. Frank Lloyd, as we know, is the iconic architect based in Wisconsin. He started constructing this astonishing architectural marvel in 1918 and kept on tweaking his designs and creating newer versions of this place till his dying breath in 1959.

The site is still a temple for all architects worldwide, who come here every year to lay siege to their inspiration. Apart from the main Taliesin East building, the campus has many different structures to offer as well.

  1. Wisconsin State Capitol

Located just a few miles away from the Madison Downtown center lies the enamoring Wisconsin State capitol building. Built-in 1917, the Capitol looks like a castle, thanks to the city planners who were kind enough to create a center block free of any skyscrapers and give the building a true sense of power ownership.

The insides are as pretty as the outer shine amidst the german, french, and British murals all along the Capitol; it is genuinely one of Madison’s top attractions.

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  1. Olbrich Botanical Gardens

The Olbrich Botanical Garden is a flora and fauna conservatory that runs along the whole Madison waterfront. The garden has a lot to offer everyone every season. The summer comprises the natural vegetation and beautiful lush green plants, followed by the fall and winters, leading to much more exotic flowers and greenery in the garden.

The Garden has a ‘Sala’ to its name; a sala is an Orchard built and governed by the Thailand government, which celebrates Thailand’s rich cultural and geographical diversity and its surrounding regions.

  1. Monona Terrace

The great Frank Lloyd Wright first incepted Monona Terrace in the years prior to his death. The terrace, though, was built finally in the summer of 1997 with Frank’s original blueprint intact. The deck runs along the Madison waterfront and is a spectacular sight to see. The authentic curved glasses are still very prominent in the feature and tell about its history, both geographically and politically.

It is one of the best places to spend time on a windy evening. It is notably a breezy evening at the rooftop with a glass of wine in hand, the downtown view of the entire city with the Lakeshore.

  1. Memorial Union Terrace

The Union terrace on the campus of the University of Wisconsin is a favorite for the students there and a hangout spot for people all across the city. One of the main attractions here is just sitting with your pals or all by yourself and observing the different people throughout the evening.

The Union, although member-exclusive, can grant passes to fellow visitors if they wish to and make them a part of the people-watching process.

These are the Top attractions in Madison; we would like you to write in your small journal and plan a trip to this fantastic city in no time. Furthermore, you can book your airline tickets from the Sun Country Airlines Booking portal as that might help you score a cheaper deal and a better flying experience.

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