Trouser Designs for Men That you Must Know About

trouser designs for men
Trouser Designs for Men

Want to look professional in mens party wear? Then trousers must be in your wardrobe. 

There are many trouser designs for men that can best fit your body type on any occasion. But choosing a perfect casual design is a bit harder for some people because they don’t know which type of trousers will best fit them. And If you are also confused to choose the perfect trouser for your body or skin type. Then you have jumped on the right article. 

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Let’s discuss in brief the best 11 trousers designs for men. 

Chinos For Men

Chinos for men

Either you are going to the office or planning a club party with  your friends. Chinos are one of the best trouser designs for men. The good thing about the Chinos is they suit both t-shirts and shirts depending on your occasion and body type. If you are a gym guy, then go with the T-shirt over a shirt. And if you are a 9-5 office man, then go with the plain or a casual shirt when you are going to the office or a party. For morning it suggested wearing lighter chinos and darker chinos at night.

Cords For Men

Cords for men

Made of composed woven and twisted wool. Corduroy trousers were made in the ’70s, but the trend of fashion power hasn’t ended yet. Due to the new generation’s need, designers narrowed it down from the bottom. And they reduced the length of this trousers design to match it with sneakers or loafers. So if you are thinking about wearing this cord at your next party, you have made the right decision. A pair of brown leather shiny sneakers with a cord and ironed shirt will make your party memorable. 

Wool Trousers For Men

Wool Trousers

Specially made for men who always prefer to have a formal look. A wool trouser is almost similar to formal pants, but it’s slightly narrowed from the bottom. You can try this trouser design at the office to maintain your professional looks. But these wool trousers won’t look bad at parties when you try them with a pair of sneakers. 

Slim-Fit Trousers For Men

Slim-Fit Trousers

Slim fit trousers are made for skinny jeans lovers because we can’t wear skinny jeans on all occasions, so that’s why it is the perfect choice for occasions like office parties, marriage parties, and birthday parties. However, suppose you are planning to wear these men’s trouser designs on next occasions. Then it would be best if you went with the dark colors at formal events such as office parties. And go with the lighter color options in parties like marriage and ceremonies. 

Relaxed Leg Trousers For Men

Relaxed Leg Trousers

Choosing a perfect-sized relaxed leg trousers design is a bit harder task. Because of its wider and longer bottoms. So how to choose the perfect one? You need to check it must not be too wide, and when you stand, it does not make more than 1 or 2 folds. If it’s already long, fold them up two or three times from the bottom or tailor them according to your best fit size. This mens trouser design impacts more in winters with a woolen sweater or long woolen coat. 

Joggers or Sweatpants For Men

Joggers or Sweatpants

A comfortable and stylish trouser design for men that must be in your wardrobe. Either it’s a beach party, club party, or a marriage party where you will have a lot of fun and dance. On all these memorable occasions you must try this trousers design. Go with lighter colors at noon parties and Darker at the night parties. 

Cropped Trousers For Men

Cropped Trousers

Do you have a pair of stylish sneakers and want to show them off? Then this trousers design is made for you. It enhances your looks with a pair of blue or brown sneakers when worn under light-colored cropped trousers. And a black leather jacket with the combination of a white Grandad shirt to spice up your partywear look.

Cargo Pants For Men

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants fashion was just about to end, but again, they are back in the market with minor changes. Their pockets are still the same size, but they are a bit narrowed from the bottom. Cargo pants are best in winter with a white or brown colored round neck sweater. Black leather boots under dark cargo pants will be a perfect match.  


We hope you got perfect men’s trousers designs according to your body or skin type. If yes, then style up your looks and be the rockstar of your party. Choosing trousers over jeans and formal pants will give you both a casual and a professional look. Not only parties but also mens trousers designs fit anywhere you want. Trousers are comfortable and the best option for Semi-formal lovers.

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