Uber Clone App – Key Features For Making A Successful Taxi App

uber clone app

In this cut-throat competitive market, where technology is king, setting up a business is becoming a difficult task for entrepreneurs. A high level of efficiency is needed in each step of the venture. Enhancement in technological aspects has made it compulsory to create an online stream for every field of business. Especially in the taxi industry, customers want an on-demand app like Uber.

Uber began with just one simple idea, that is to connect the customer and driver together. This was made possible by coming with a mobile app. This revolution has changed the individual’s way of travelling. Today, Uber is ruling the ride-hailing business. And the main reason for its prosperity was quality service.

Today, many taxi companies across the world are moving their business online as it is the most demanding and profitable. If you are looking to invest in an Uber-like app, you are on the right page.

As indicated by the study, the ride-hailing business is expected to boom worldwide at a rapid pace by the year 2022. After analyzing future scope many young entrepreneurs and business owners have started their investment in the ride-hailing service.

Why Develop Uber Clone App For Taxi Business?

Uber’s clone app for the taxi business is an ideal solution that allows entrepreneurs to launch their own taxi business online successfully. The clone app for taxi business is a ready-made solution, integrated with customized features so that you can commence your taxi booking business in a few days.

Features to Include in Uber Clone App:

Before you begin developing your own Uber clone app, you must consider including these key features.

Customer App Features:

  • Log in/signup: Allows your customers to register via email id or mobile number or login directly through social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Book ride: Customers can book a taxi by entering the address, location of the pickup and dropoff, selecting the type of car, etc.
  • Schedule for later: Allows passengers to book a cab at a selected time in advance as per their convenience.
  • Book for others: Allows users to book a ride for their friends, family or relatives from their account.
  • Fare calculator: This feature help passengers to auto-calculates the total fare for the ride based on the km, car type, etc.
  • Real-time tracking: Customers can see where the nearest drivers are. Real-time tracking of driver activity to stay up-to-date with their travel route and customers can also see the ETA of the driver.
  • Multiple payment options: With multiple payment integration in the application, customers can pay via credit/debit cards, in-app wallet, cash, etc.
  • Messaging and calling: Customers can message or call the driver from the application as required.
  • Rating & Reviews: Customers can rate and review the drivers out of 5 based on the service they receive.

Driver App Features:

  • Driver profile and status: Driver can set their profile by including their name, photo, license, car insurance, etc. The driver can also set their status to denote availability.
  • New request alert: Drivers will get notifications to receive new trip orders via the push notification feature.
  • Accept/reject request: Drivers can accept or reject the ride request. If he accepts, a notification sent to the customer. But, if the driver rejects the request, it will automatically be sent to the nearest driver.
  • Excursion alert: Notifications to get trip orders to acknowledge or decay, remembering total data for the area, course, and traveler detail.
  • Navigation and route optimization: Driver can see customer location with the best and shortest route utilizing Google Maps.
  • Earning reports: With this feature, drivers can see the insights regarding trips and earnings on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Communication: The driver can also text or call a passenger from the application.

Admin Panel Features:

  • Powerful dashboard
  • Analytical reports
  • Customers and drivers management
  • Booking management
  • Vehicle detail management
  • Location and fares management
  • Promotions and discounts
  • Manage ratings and reviews

Why to Develop Uber Clone App?

  • Offer 100% genuine white-label script with full source code.
  • Developed using advanced and latest technology.
  • Powerful admin panel to deal with whole business activities.
  • Customized features
  • Appropriate for any business size
  • Available for both Android and iOS

Why Should You Invest in Uber-Like App Development?

This ride-hailing business is booming around the world, creating your own taxi booking app as per your customer preference, can easily set up and grow your business online. To build up your own custom mobile app you need to hire an expert Uber clone app development company like XongoLab.

Future of Ride-Hailing Business

The Ride-hailing business is expected to grow in the future as well. It is the ideal time to invest in this business. Ensure you hire the best taxi app development company or app developers team to develop such a complicated and feature-rich app.

Wrapping up

After driving through all the features mentioned above, if you still have a question that if the Uber clone app is right for your business or not, you should consult the best mobile app development company and discuss your idea. If you want a perfect solution that best fits your business requirements, XongoLab can help you get your own taxi app with advanced features.

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