Use of cotton and fiberglass filter paper in DBS

fiberglass filter paper
fiberglass filter paper
fiberglass filter paper

Cotton filter paper and fiberglass filter paper both are used in the DBS blood sampling application. It does not saturate with different solutions. The process becomes critical for dry spot sampling; there are chances that bacteria can affect the nature of blood spots.

Fiberglass filter paper is used to keep the samples secure and transportation also becomes easier in this way. There are many internal and external parameters set to test the blood. The result should be reproducible of dried blood sampling.

The hematocrit parameter is used to define the analysis, this parameter shows the existence of red blood cells in a manner based on blood volume, sample homogeneity, hemolysis also makes a significant role in this dried blood sampling practice.

One should follow the protocol of the three things concluded in the sampling: anticoagulant, preparation level humidity, and sample homogeneity.

The good thing about dried blood sampling

You will receive the same information and results that you got in wet blood sampling. DBS facilitates following tests of biological molecules, nucleic acids, protein, lipids, organic and non-organic molecules. The volume of blood should be low, relative ease, and collection speed also matters. 

DBS is applicable in initial stage blood screening.

DBS is usually practiced at the time of newborn genetic and clinical diagnostics, infectious field-testing, and forensics, this process can easily detect the metabolic markers, toxicological, drug analysis, LC-MS, immunochemistry, RT-PCR, Sequencing,

No need to call the blood sample expert to take the dry blood sampling, pick it through a pin-pointed finger, this method is considered as less invasive and time-consuming. It is easy to keep & move to another location, no need for cold-storage, as it is already set on room temperature.

It is a durable type of blood sample; it can be separated into different particles in a lab atmosphere.

With all these good things, some limitations are also present in this dry sampling process. In some cases, you have to face a few difficulties.

In this sampling, the blood is directly sourced to vessels, there are huge chances of contamination, as it is a dry blood sampling process and will be done on room temperature, the fungus is also presented on the filter paper because of the open atmosphere.

You may have to face the reproducibility issues, if you don’t pay the required attention, the shape could be changed, fresh blood samples, and hematology is required for the perfect analysis. The volume of blood can affect the quality of testing.

In any event, if the molecules are of low-quality, blood particles sample won’t give the qualitative results. To obtain productive and high-quality results, one should care about reproducibility and variability. So, proper quantification is required for dynamic blood sampling.

The baghouse is typically an assortment of various chambers, the residue authorities are explicitly intended to trap the residue and the dirtied air is gone to outside air with the channel, presently the gatherer will coordinate the natural air in the air and the contaminated particles will be put away on the surfaces of the channels. A channel media is introduced here by this media, gases will send through sack channel media. 

Because of the ceaseless wind current, residue will be framed as a cake shape on the pack channel media; in the event that you are feeling to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of sack channel media you can isolate it from the baghouse. Try not to stress at that point; the baghouse can channel the residue particles. The fan and blower direct the air, by pushing or sucking to the bother channel media. Channel packs have different sides perfect and filthy. 

The filthy side comes in the immediate introduction of residue particles and grimy gases that make and channel the air, the spotless air stream comes in the immediate presence of clean side media.

In the lack of proper quantification, you may have to perform multiple steps of sampling for the perfect analysis of the blood sample.

There are some other ways proposed to improve the reproducibility of blood sampling like micro-sampling. Everything is up to you, want to try DBS with cotton filter paper or fiberglass filter paper oar to proceed with dry-sampling.

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