Best Virtual Staging Software for Real Estate Images

Virtual Staging Software

A lot of real estate image editing projects require accomplishment in a matter of days. Sometimes this includes preparing the property all the way to the photo shoot, culminating into post-processing and advertising. With such tight timings and potential lack of resources to pull it off that quickly, a lot of projects have turned to virtual staging. This has been made possible through a lot of real estate photo editing software that enables property staging at the post-processing level. There has been an influx of niche real estate image editing applications that cater specifically to this task.

Virtual Staging Software

This of the Best Virtual Staging Software

Zooming into the best virtual staging software you can find this year; we take a look at how these can make the job easier yet look like the fixtures and furniture were there all along. The numerous real estate photo editing software at your disposal, both for free and for a fee, is something to go crazy about in this day and age.

Cedar Architect

The beauty that is real estate photo editing software brings is that it is easy to use, it produces the required output in no time, and it is so realistic you can even do 3D house tours after staging with this application. Cedar Architect charges a subscription fee of $59 monthly, however, do not let this price turn you off. Real estate image editing will turn out to be one professional looking project after going through this program with its remodelling and enhancement features.

ARCHLine XP Virtual Stager

This software is so massive that it caters to both architects, realtors, and interior designers. The latter two will benefit from this as a virtual staging software in real estate image editing. For around $750 for the LIVE module, your license lasts you a lifetime. This means you do not have to worry about subscriptions or renewals or jumping out of free trials. This application has the ability to produce still photos, animations, 3D pictures and panoramas to suit all types of real estate image editing and advertising needs.

Chief Architect: Home Designer

This third feature on this list comes in at $199 per month. This software is flexible enough to produce an animated version of the image or a more real-life rendering depending on your need. While it has all the features a home designer would need from landscaping to architectural structuring, its interior designing module will make it easy and simple to execute virtual staging at the tip of your fingers through its drag and drop feature.


This real estate photo editing software offers a unique way to transact payments. It employs a credit system with a pay-as-you-need scheme. For instance, there are a number of credits required to create a still photo and a higher number for a 3D image. If you already know how many photos in this real estate image editing project you will enhance, then that’s the amount you pay for to get the credits. It also houses an extensive collection of furniture and accessories to choose from to spruce up the room so you can never run out of ideas doing it yourself.


For people looking to save on that penny, Homestyler might be the one for you. This iOS and Android-based application is absolutely free. It features a library of furniture collections fully rotatable and resizable at your disposal and best of all you can find branded furniture that can add an extra oomph for buyers who are particular with craftsmanship. There is also an option here for you to view the finished work in a 3D format or a still, making the experience and output peak with the highest of qualities.

Adobe Photoshop

Apart from being known for its real estate image editing prowess, this real estate photo editing software can do virtual staging just as good (if not better) that most of the software out there. With this software, there are many ways to skin this cat whose name is virtual staging. There are lasso tools, layer masks, and various merging tools that enable you to work with stock images of furniture that you have.


Roomle offers a free usage plan to a whopping $1461 monthly subscription, or one that is customized to your real estate image editing needs. Whichever plan you choose, you get to enjoy furniture incorporation at a 2D level with you smartphone whether that is an iOS or Android. To unlock higher forms of editing, the subscription price comes in packages you can choose from, so you don’t need to spend for things that are unnecessary.


There have been a lot of brand names that now starts with “i” but this one might legitimately be a good real estate photo editing software that lives up to its DIY reference. It offers three different pricing plans. Pay by usage, standard, and business at respective prices of $5, $55, and $95 monthly. It takes the concept of virtual staging to the next level and can even complement a lot of the earlier software mentioned in this list.

Pros of Virtual Staging

There are monetary implications in virtual staging that can save money more than just time. Instead of using purchased furniture to physically put into the property prior to the shoot, that money can be diverted to financing the software instead which is a much lower price in some cases. It also saves time and effort. Imagine eliminating the need to hire people to design the interior and transport the furniture. There are tons of dollars saved in the real estate business just by taking all of this virtually.


There you have it. Virtual staging in real estate image editing is somewhat bigger than everyone thought of as it even spurred a whole niche of editing software dedicated to this technique. It has a lot of advantages and at the same time, it poses a lot of positive implications to the business not only to the photographer but to the real estate company as well.

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