Ways Cleaning Can Alleviate Stress

Cleaning Can Alleviate Stress

There’s no denying that we spend a minimum of two hours per day cleaning or running for chores. It’s already utterly draining having to work long and hectic hours, let alone come home and having to clean after the mess caused the day before. Hence, it’s no wonder that we feel more stressed and agitated. However, if you strive to have a clean house and stress-free state of mind, believe it or not, you should be cleaning even more. Yes, it does sound unbelievable, but completely true. There are numerous reasons how cleaning can relieve you from stress and boost your energy.

Cleaning Can Alleviate Stress

1. Pick up stuff as you go

No matter who leaves the clothes around, or forgets to bring back the cup to the kitchen after afternoon’s coffee, just pick them up as you pass them. Once you implement a habit of returning things around the house where they belong, you will feel less stressed and even more motivated to clean. Various scattered stuff makes the house more cluttered and messy, even if you have just vacuum and dusted. So, keep a basket for the kid’s stuff they don’t use, and pick up the rest as you go.

2. Delegate the cleaning and chores

As in today’s cosmopolitan age, people tend to work extremely long hours, you most certainly would want to return home to a neat and tidy room and just lash into your sofa and unwind. To achieve this and maximally alleviate yourself from stress either hire a professional house cleaning service who would meticulously clean all your room from top to bottom, or delegate work with the kids. The other solution may not be as effective, because kids, especially teenagers, are not very keen on cleaning.

3. Play your favorite tune

Cleaning represents a great way to stay fit, as most actions such as vacuuming, dusting, mopping the floors, etc, require active body motions. Besides having the opportunity to lose weight while cleaning, if you were to play some music for stress and relief or some of your favorite music jam, the cleaning would act out as a stress-relieving therapy. Music has an abundance of benefits to the mind and body, it can calm us down or give us the energy boost, depending on what type of tunes you’re into. If you were to combine music with cleaning, you would feel less stressed, and more positive.

4. Less is more

Instead of doing a thorough house clean-up every day, try to divide the housework and cleaning into small chunks. By breaking down cleaning into doable, 30-minute chunks, your house will always look neat and clean, and you won’t ever feel stressed or overwhelmed by the work. The task is simple, you only focus on one thing at a time or day. For instance, dwell upon quick vacuuming one day, and the next dust the entire house, and so on. Make a daily cleaning list to keep track of the chores you’ve done, and to know what you need to do.

5. Get free from clutter and donate

Most often the reason behind the piled-up stress is the piled-up stuff and clothes you have. You could spend hours and days cleaning without a bombastic result, but unless you organize and donate some things you don’t need or use, your house will always look like a mess, and you would always feel nervous and stressed. Throw away or donate everything that you no longer love or use. Try to find a functional storage solution for all the remaining stuff and keep them off sight. Think exquisite woven baskets, drawers under the bed, or smart shelving options. Once you clutter up your space, you will make cleaning quicker and effective.

We would all like to have a magic wand to simply make all the mess disappear, but if you clean a little every day, delegate chores and duties, you would always have a clean and welcoming house to return to without the additional stress.

One more reason to make cleaning your home seriously is if you or your family members are suffering from allergies. Thoroughly wiping and cleaning every space is essential if you want to prevent health complications and reactions. So, pay special attention to sensitive areas or hire professionals to do it for you.

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