Wear Premium Quality Kevlar Shirts For Extra Protection!

Getting a motorcycle gear is an investment you will never regret buying. You may think that regular boots, pants, and jackets would be fine for motorcycle riding but they would not provide the protection you need off-road and could make you feel highly uncomfortable. And the moment you start feeling uncomfortable, you are likely to meet an accident. For this reason, wearing protective gear is very important so you don’t get distracted. And for bike riders, distraction is the biggest thing that can become the reason for accidents. As Motorcycle protective shirts are gaining importance among riders, a huge number of brands are introducing or manufacturing them for extra protection. EndoGear too is manufacturing Kevlar shirts using high-quality material and abrasion-resistant armors. That’s the reason you should never wear regular clothes while riding.

How does body armor work?

As you already knew that the word armor means a covering that provides protection. This is what riding gear is made of. These armors will provide resistance from injuries and scratches that may occur due to unpredicted accidents. The material Kevlar I am talking about has high tensile strength to weight ratio. It is measured five times stronger than steel and it is bulletproof too. It has been used in the making of drumheads because Kevlar is high impact resistant. Motorcycle protective shirts and other basic riding clothes have Kevlar armors inside them to protect your bones and skins from severe injuries. You may also encounter extreme weather conditions like heavy rain or extreme heat. The body armors are heat resistant and protect your body from the bright sun and will not sock water.

Keeping a balance between design, style and protection-

If you want to look fashionable while being highly protective in your riding gear, EndoGear is the right place for you. With armored jackets, hoodies, gloves, pants and Kevlar liners Kevlar shirts are also manufactured by them that you can wear in place of jackets or style them as inner-shirts with leather vests, or jackets. While choosing a gear, you may prioritize its style and ignore the amount of protection it is offering and risking your life and safety. Take your worries away because EndoGear is producing motorcycle attire that is highly protective and make you look cool on your bike.

Why consider motorcycle protective shirts-

Kevlar shirts can be highly useful for many reasons. In a cold or rainy weather, you can wear them under your jackets and hoodies to feel extra warm and comfy. They can keep you warm and safe in rainy weather as you are extra protected. On the other hand, you can wear them under your regular coats and jackets because Kevlar shirts are as protective as armored jackets. If you decide to ride off-road and want to look casual, you can wear the shirts alone without any jacket as well. I will not recommend you to wear Kevlar shirts alone if your destination is harsh and roads are dangerous and on long distances.  But they would be great and highly comfortable for a normal and peaceful small ride. If you want to be extra protective and comfortable on your way to long distances and destinations, it would be great to wear them as inner-shirts.

The number of adherents of motorcycle riding is growing in Russia and all over the world. Riding a motorcycle carries an increased risk. Even professional motorcyclists with long driving experience are not immune to falls or accidents. Comfortable, durable equipment is designed to solve the problem of motorcycle safety.

Don’t forget about equipment. Not only can it save your life, it will also make it easier to ride a motorcycle, making it more comfortable, and help you better control the motorcycle itself. Among other things, bright gear and reflective elements will help other drivers see you on the road, which will also help to avoid one of the types of accidents described below.

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